Thursday, December 13, 2007

I stole this from Banshee's blog showing the guys latest teaser vid!

Chris and Alan did some filming with Christian and Nick from Sullivanvizual. I'll get some more details as soon as I talk to them again. I'll find out when the DVD will be released and where you can get it.
As Grant Allen would say it looks like they got the the corkflip to leatherARSE figured out in the clip they sent me.

Alan just got his new ride and as soon as he takes a pic of it you'll be able to see his new Wildcard. Grant is going to do a custom paint on Alans TLD carbon helmet - provided he gets one for christmas - that will match the bike.

The guys are also featured in the Aussie magazine Revolution and there is a wicked shot from the Pirate aka Stephen Hillenbrand but i don't see it posted on the pirates site yet... other eye candy to look at tho.

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