Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Team MTBCUT riding the new Red Route!

Stu over at MTBCUT.tv sent us this web edit of Ben Cartho, Joe Barnes and Chris Hutchens riding the new red route at Fort William last week.


Stu mentioned…

“It ended up as a nice little video of them playing on the new track. Incidentally after filming this Ben and Joe went on to finish 1st and 2nd in Elite at the British NPS round on the weekend.”


Team MTBCUT is kitted in custom Straitline boxxer stems platform pedals in a one off x-ray pink/black  just for them!




Check out the massive scrub to hip hematoma half way through…ouch!


Full story up on Pinkbike HERE


Stu took the time out of his hectic schedule to edit up some of our CNC footage for the Fort William World Cup big screen!  We will be showing more of our facility as the trade show season nears!

Short and sweet!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I think WTF? is a fitting title!

WTF? You could lose a whole day looking up Americans and guns!

This is quoted daily here at Straitline, try us… call us now and find out!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Decline Magazine Article

Incase you never read this waaaay back when.. here is a Q&A article Decline ran on Tyler of Twenty6 and myself.

Machine Heads!

136r1_decline (3)





NAME: Greg Parish
OFFICIAL JOB TITLE: Marketing & Brand Development
COMPANY: Straitline Components
<26 Questions> Two Industry Inquiries

NAME: Tyler Jarosz
OFFICIAL JOB TITLE: Owner, Machinist, Designer
COMPANY: Twenty6 Products

<26 Questions> Two Industry Inquiries

1. What is the first thing you think about when you wake
GREG: Something that I forgot to do or have to do –
usually business.
TYLER: Which trail I’m going to rip before I head to the

2. What is the last thing you think about before you go to
GREG: Do I have enough pillows on this bed?
TYLER: How may things I didn’t quite finish in the day and
what I have to get done the next day in order to fit a
ride in.

3. Do you ride left- or right-foot forward?
GREG: Right.
TYLER: Right.

4. When you look in the mirror, what do you see?
GREG: The future…
TYLER: I see someone who is passionate, hard working,
driven and full of life.

5. Energy drink or coffee?
GREG: Gatorade is as wild as I get. Some energy drinks
make my heart feel like it is going to blow up just from
TYLER: Coffee!

6. When you enter a crowded room, a theme song
begins to play: What song?
GREG: Send me an Angel by Real Life from the movie
RAD: “You over-rotated!” No Shit. You know it!
TYLER: California Love by Tupac and Dr. Dre.

7. Do you check tire pressure with a gauge or by feel?
GREG: Feel.
TYLER: No time to check them with a gauge, too many
parts to manufacture before I go ride…by feel of course.

8. What would you do if you had only one more day to
GREG: Depends if everyone had just one day left and no
one cared or would I just embarrass my family name by
admitting what I would do? Probably just file my taxes.
TYLER: I would not make it into the shop that day. I would
spend time with family and friends.

9. Who invented the mountain bike?
GREG: I could just Google this and look smart and
stuff…Leonardo Da Vinci? Devinci Bikes uses his name
because he is the man, right?
TYLER: The first pioneers who ventured off-road with

10. What motto would you write on your top tube?
GREG: Nuts off!
TYLER: Flow.

11. When was the last time you patched a tube?
GREG: I put in new tubes. Remember when you would
use bad ones under your skateboard for ollies?
TYLER: Last fall, I was deep in the hills of the Tobacco
Root Mountains in Montana rippin’ this trail I call Sick
Creek and ended up pinch-flatting near the bottom.
I was having such a blast that when I got back to my
truck I ripped the rear tire off my bike, threw on a patch
(no tubes because they were given away to friends on
previous rides), and ran back up the trail to finish where I
left off. Lesson learned: When you are 17 miles deep on
a shotty dirt road, be prepared.

12. What’s the next piece of bike technology that needs
GREG: Derailleurs and gear drives.
TYLER: Drivetrain.

13. Who’s your favorite NASCAR driver
GREG: I only know Ricky Bobby and Tom Cruise, but Tom
TYLER: What is NASCAR? Is that the sport where the drivers
only turn left and the viewers eat potato chips all day
and watch the cars race around in circles?

14. Who has the best shifter, Shimano or SRAM?
GREG: I’m not into openly dissing a firm but personally I’m
digging SRAM.
TYLER: SRAM, keep it simple with 1:1 ratio.

15. Have you ever worn Lycra with underwear
GREG: That is just straight-up odd. That would be like
putting your short-sleeved club shirt on over a jacket.
TYLER: Yes, back in the day when I raced cross-country
and I did not know any better.

16. Five websites you visit every day?
GREG: declinemagazine.com, sickliness.com, nsmb.com,
pinkbike.com and easternfront.com.
TYLER: pinkbike.com, sicklines.com, mcmastercarr.com,
mscdirect.com, yahoo.com

17. Who is the funniest person you know?
GREG: My boss, Dennis, is the smartest dude I have ever
met but he is a walking Homer Simpson.
TYLER: My home boy, Mike Tlusty.

18. In a MTB race of generations who would win?
GREG: To keep everything authentic, Sam Hill, because
today we have Red Bull and Tomac would have to drink
Jolt Cola!
TYLER: I would have to say that today’s aggressive
riders have an edge over past generations due the
overwhelming progression of the sport.

19. What’s the strangest item you’ve purchased online?
GREG: I came home one night for some classic drunk
eBay and won the bid for a stethoscope.

TYLER: Aluminum mobster-style briefcase complete with
handcuff and chain.

20. Favorite Will Ferrell movie?
GREG: Anchorman, for sure: “I don’t know how to put
this, but I am kind of a big deal.”
TYLER: Anchorman, of course.

21. Place you call home?
GREG: Victoria, Vancouver Island, B.C.
TYLER: Anywhere in Montana, rippin’ down some sick

22. Place you call hell?
GREG: I have repetitive dreams of being on a ski hill and
I can’t get a locker open and my board is inside. So for
me, it is something you can see but not have.
TYLER: When I am stuck behind my computer for hours on
end without being able to go out to the shop and make

23. Favorite type of riding?
GREG: Street or any classic mountain bike photo with
a meadow of flowers where you can ride freely with
underwear over or under your Lycra.
TYLER: It is a toss up between dirt jumps and flowy
singletrack. It depends on my mood and trail conditions.

24. Last time you surprised yourself?
GREG: Two months ago, at age 30, I finally realized
February had two Rs and my computer wasn’t just on
American spelling.
TYLER: What time is it right now…just kidding. This past
winter while backcountry snowboarding, I went down
the wrong face of the mountain and ended up in a
drainage, causing me to post hole back up the slop I
just shredded. The scary thing about the situation was
that I could only talk to my partner on the radio but
could not pinpoint how to get to him without hiking out
where I went down. In addition, I had made three other
runs on different slopes so I was beat tired and dusk was
closing upon me fast. I thought for sure I was going to
be walking out in the dark, but I dug deep and put one
foot in front of the other and made it out.

25. Last time someone surprised you?
GREG: That’s a toss up between the shop guys rolling
cigar-thick firecrackers under the bathroom door or
them just kicking in the door to shoot me with Airsoft
TYLER: When Mark Jordan asked me to be in the 26
Questions section!

26. Last meal request?
GREG: Bottomless spaghetti so that I’d gain so much
weight the rope would snap – then I’d run off.
TYLER: Spring Chicken Chimichanga from Santa Fe Reds.

Painthouse Customs new Lid


Stacy from PaintHouse Customs and his new bike body mud flap invention on Whistler’s opening day!


You simply rip your pants wide open at the crotch, then re-sit back down on the bike! Install complete!

deer in park 070

You can wonder why on your own but Stacey did my custom Straitline Helmet a few months back and has been pumping out a lot of custom work lately.


Check out his newest creation!

“This was not only a unique project because of the design but also the first helmet i completed all by myself.  I acquired all the supplies to do the clear coating,  taught myself how to spray clear,  and cleared this helmet for the fist time.
Overall i am very pleased with the final finish and the design.  Hope y’all feel the same way.






Pretty sick!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Lama Cycles drops by!

Justin of Lama Cycles calls me up saying that he is in town and wants to check out the facility on the end of their Cross Canada Adventure ! So i said no, because he admitted he never heard of the movie RAD and that kind of made me a little uneasy… who doesn’t know of the Movie RAD? 


They definitely rolled up in style with three tricked out MoreWoods  with matching Boxxers on the back, decked to the hilt in the finest components, Industry9 Wheel sets, Elka Shocks, Straitline Boxxer Stems and Pedals and MRP guides, you know the $8,000 dollar build we all have at home.

morewood lama 001 

We have sponsored their team for a few years now and they are always on the Canadian podiums so I forgave them for not Knowing RAD because they live and breath biking more than I ever will! 


Just cool guys making a go at a company  but instead of being all corporate and stuffy they just ride their bikes and focus on relationships. The fact that they took the time to drive all the way from Quebec to attend the races and hit up some shops shames most.  You roll up in style with these builds and people notice, plus they have lent a helping hand to a few of our clients and friends on the trail who have had a issue or question about a item on the bike.

morewood lama 005

And as I write this I notice that their sexy Ultra Boxxers are all installed wrong!!  I am holding back from erasing everything and saying bad things about Lama when I realize I would put the stem on wrong too!

morewood lama 004

Most Stems when installed simply just require the face plate to be bolted down, hold the bars and off you go. Well good for most stems but this system makes no sense to us, why tighten bolts leaving gaps ? So we simplified it and added function and saved some style by leaving a underside gap, smooth top!


Here is how a stem should look when installed properly… Yes the shot is sideways but stay with me. See the massive gap on the underside –right- part of the stem?  This is by design, we shorten the stem body on the underside to create this intentionally, you may even notice the three dots on the underside of all our Pinchclamp stems.

boxxer 50 red black 008

These locator dots is so that during production we can tell what is up and down as the stems are zero rise. But the reason we are different is simple. Gaps look like crap and are unnecessary. Gaps underside and topside also hide the fact that the face plate and body do not match up so it is a common thing to do but we match up flawlessly like butter on every stem. The functional reason behind this is really smart actually, the client only has to focus on two bolts, top two first until seamlessly snug against the stem body. Then you go to the lower two bolts and tighten them until tight. This guarantees the client applied proper torque- use common sense- and the risk of stripping and over torque-ing is gone as you are not doing 10 turns here then 4 on the left and so on.


It is really a motocross method to prevent improper clamping and over stressing of the bars increasing the materials life span but that is boring tech talk!


So after embarrassing Justin and the Lama crew in a public forum -behind their backs as they ride the ferry as we speak back to the mainland, away from my coward ass-  I realized it is a common mistake since we are the only ones doing it and how hard is it to install a stem anyways?  And how arrogant for us to assume everyone would just ask or read up on the movie RAD and how it shaped most of our views on biking as a kid?


morewood lama 002

Anyways, stoked to see builds like this all custom and 3/4 of the build true in-house firms making top of the line gear in the sea of off shore brands.


Remember no gap on top, top two bolts first then lower two bolt,  resulting in a gap!


Now go watch RAD or I will tell this kid that there is a free Playstation 3 with 90 games at your address and phone number!


Freak-Boo_500x500 (2)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Missy is in Shit!

I’m not going to lie I like drama, maybe this will help expose biking in the main stream media just like how Ross Rebagliati threw Snowboarding into the lime light.


Nearly 400 pounds of marijuana were seized in a drug bust on Preserve Way Tuesday.”

“Between about June 12 and June 16 Giove, Canori, and others agreed to receive and then further distribute about 384 pounds of marijuana, according to information from the DEA. Following their arrests, a box-trailer belonging to Giove on Preserve Way and Canori’s residence on the same road were searched. Approximately 400 pounds of marijuana were seized in the trailer and residence, along with drug packaging materials, a money counter and other drug paraphernalia, and over one million dollars in U.S. currency. If convicted, Giove and Conari face a mandatory minimum sentence of 5 years, a maximum penalty of 40 years imprisonment and a fine of up to $2 million.”

I think the lesson here is… get caught up in Canada, not the USA!

Here is a classic clip!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Alan Hepburn is swell!

Alan Hepburn is from Australia but lives here in BC every summer because in his homeland all of the girls won’t leave him alone! So… he comes to Canada to hang out in the woods with men. 

That's Alan on the bottom!


Actually Alan is all man with bigger ones than most on a bike, I even tempted fate with Alan last month in Squamish while heading up to Whistler.  We drive up to the local beer store, I went in for the beer but Alan went to find some Growers Berry cider in a 2 liter! The actual words out of his mouth were “oh Berry” lol, so I stood by him for support, more so a defensive position. Everyone around us in the small store looked very Squamish with their cases of Lucky under arm but we stuck together confident in our man hood I even picked up a bottle… but in Pear!! Now  That definitely takes big ones not just to do it but to admit it online!

But while Alan is here hanging out he makes sick ass videos and relentless photo shoots for his sponsors. Coach at Camp of Champions and a full on Privateer in every sense, just riding and progressing on his own terms.

alan cover


pod alan hepburn

I guess what I am getting at is guys like Alan set the bar pretty high for sponsorship and I hope some people are reading this before emailing companies for free gear!  Takes a lot of backing up and guys like Alan back it up by traveling around attending Events!



alan step 

Love this little video edit of Alan with Chris and Tim! Alan can hear a shutter clicking from 300 meters and always has his Blue Steel pose ready!

Local  Video maker Aaron Laroque is also soon to drop a video featuring Alan riding full components on his Banshee’s!, Casey Groves, Dustin Greenhall and a ton of local boys are in it too, you may have seen It pop up on Pinkbike the other day, it and blew everyone away when they leant this will be a free video for all to download!!


alan whats next cover

Check it out!


giant canada oops

Shin guards and our pedals are a smart idea but chicks dig scars, so man up and collect them all!


The irony in this shot is that this shin belongs to Andrew Armour of Giant Canada!


See the Irony? His last name and the lack of Armour! See it?


It’s like having the last name Saftey but you loose a arm! See it?


Or superman falling of a horse. Too soon?

Friday, June 12, 2009

Bike park is Open!

We actually just had a site meeting and decided this is it! The Freeride BC Bike park is officially open so get in and enjoy it!
10180 Littlewood RD North Saanich BC!

UCI Track Builder Kyle Michell signing the forms legalising the park!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pedal Bushing Extraction Video

I have shown it in a video before but I guess that was all in my head!

I have been asked by a few to complete a video showing bushing extractions so here it is in one take!

Tools needed are... Screw Extractor Set
Easy out is another term!

Freeride Park is open next week!!!



We are 80 percent complete in all phases!!

Andrew Mitchell and Kyle Michell have been slaving away in this park for the past two weeks making the final push on the park! Mark Mathews was their master raker until he broke his hand!!

www.freeridebc.com www.freeridebc.blogspot.com
Go and enjoy this park on June 16th, it encompasses every skill and fitness level and has been 100 percent built on peoples passion to introduce to you what biking really is and how it can benefit your life. Sounds cheesy but it is true, get in there and enjoy it and a huge thanks to all the volunteers and all of the donations to the Friends of North Saanich Freeride Society!

So June 16th we expect to be 100 percent open in all the new phases only leaving the Pro line and the much anticipated dual slalom course to be built which requires material and funding for completion!

Remember riding this park before the opening date JUNE 16TH is illegal and will result in further delays in the parks opening. Please respect this and wait until it is ready, we have worked very hard to acheive this and it would be a shame to have it closed due to a few people who decide to jump the fence.

Other than that get ready for a fun summer!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


"Hey everyone,

Be on the look out for this Double, it was stolen from North Vancouver. Its Matt Juhasz's person ride, so be on the look out!

Matt's Double"

Matt's custom ride decked in red Straitline Parts will be hard to miss s okeep your eyes peeled and contact Matt direct if you have any information @ North Shore Bikes!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Mori Seiki Video/ Fort William World Cup

The following video was made up in a rush for the World Cup Event this weekend in Fort William.

Huge thanks to our UK distributors Hotlines for making this happen and the insanley fast and accurate editing job from Stu at mtbcut.tv!

No word of a lie Stu spent all day filming with his riders then came home late to a email fro mus jammed wit hfootage. He went to work peicing together what we had into a sick little promo video before bedtime!


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

DIRT Magazine Straitline caps!

Dirt Magazine has requested some custom caps to hand out to the loyal subscribers so if you want a pair get out and subscribe now.... or soon, unsure of when this promotion kicks in but these caps are pretty sick!

I will never get sick of making Laser videos, and yes sticking a thumb under it hurts!

And I didn't know how to tie this into any relevant post so I'll just throw these in!

After playing around on a friends new Mac I am sold! It does what? who cares, how do you set it on stretch mode?

There's the flavor!

Expert Phase Complete!!

This park is going to be sick and as promised 100 percent free for all to enjoy! Half done with only the dual slalom course and pro lines to be designed and connected to the pump tracks hidden in the trees!

Another Teaser on the Park!

This is just the expert/ intermediate and learning area the sloped bank is soon to be a dual slalom course that will be the most used feature in the park by far!
Shout outs to follow, just enjoy the sneak peeks.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Dustin Greenhall POD!!

Dustin popped up on Pinkbike all stretched out for today's POD! Dustin rides a full component pack decked head to toe in Straitline bling!