Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Labor Dispute, full shut down until new years!

It was ending up to be a great end to the year, until this was on my desk this morning… unbelievable!

power struggle

Against Straitline Components wishes, we are forced by an ever increasing and aggressive labor force to shut down the facility until the new year!

We promise to do our best to avoid any pay increases and get back to offering you some kick as products for 2010!

power struggle 2

Whenever a dispute like this comes up out of no where, I need to burn off some steam in the forest to try and make sense of it all!


Have a good New Years!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas to all and peace on earth with unicorns flying above!

I suck at being serious or sincere so I hope these videos express our gratitude for all of those who have supported us and to all of you who sadly understand where we come from.

We love having fun and when you are having fun, everything else seems to fall into place. Our new motto is... Never Compromise!

Have a merry Christmas!

Please... a good sense of sick humor is a must for this one.

I hope you have a huge happy heart after this one.

I just found this on youtube and admit I own all of Wham's albums.

This is for us in 2010/11.

Jon is my favorite comedian everand this video is a great parallel view on our sense of humor towards the bike industry...

And please keep in mind that this has taken a lot of courage to show you this.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Brighter Pre Trailer!

Here is New Wave Cinema's first pre teaser for the new movie "Brighter" by Tamas Forde! Good Job Tam! Can't wait till the full trailer!

New Aussy Distributor for Straitline!!!

It is no lie we like Australia and the people and it has been roughly 8 months since we had representation down under but we are stoked to announce a partnership with Groupe Sportif LTD!!

So stoked to have some home turf again in Australia!

Just as we penned the deal factory rider Alan Hepburn sent us a update!


Tasmania roadtrip 

n509214955_328326_7280 Two weeks ago I got on a plane and headed for Tasmania to participate in a couple contests. The first contest was held in a little town called Launceston. It was held on a locals farm with the course being short but sweet. It consisted of a small set up drop to right hand berm/speed jump/ normal jump/ big right hand berm and then into the ramp to dirt trick jump. There was an open class but i wasn't really aloud to compete because the prizes were bike products that i couldn't really use anyway. So that was a bummer but i did get to ride a fair bit and ended up judging the contest. I woke up the next morning with a big picture in the local newspaper tho so that was cool.


The second jam was at the Downhill nationals in Hobart. After a little tweaking with the shovel when we arrived the jumps felt alright, pretty small but good enough to pull out some tricks.

here's a real short edit of me from that jam.

It's good to see a couple of contest popping up here in Australia, there really is never any contest here through out the year. How ever there is a real decent one coming up on January 16-17th during the national DH event here in my home town. Its sponsored by Barspin Imports (dealer of Banshee) which is great, this contest will be great for the Australian scene. Keep in touch for a big right up on that event.

I'd also like to thank my sponsors for helping out too.








Now some flash back vids with Alan!

and my favorite to date, shot right in our backyard in Victoria BC for Arrons Larroque’s film Whats Next…

Friday, December 18, 2009

2010 Product shots

Huge, Huge thanks to Mark Law for taking on this project and absolutely slaying it!

Never have we had product shots that accurately capture the level of quality we are offering you guys.  There is zero manipulation of these images, Mark just put the min his light box on top of some glass and enjoy!


*Some products are missing bear with us!*

Enough Shameless promoting!


Check this out, Travis is retarded!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Kenny Belaey Show with Lenosky!

Cool video showcasing trials and the migration to Rays Indoor park where Dave Mirra, Lenosky, Chase and Hans Rey talk about Trails and the roots of all our riding style!


Kenny Belaey Show Episode 2 (part 1 of 2) from Luke Rainbird on Vimeo.

Did anyone besides me notice that Jeff totally let a nasty word out at 10.23? Right after he gets praised for being a major influence by Mike Stedley, Jeff just lets loose a nasty?


Lenosky also has his custom pedals ready to rock, matte black finish topped with custom real 24 karat gold plated pins!


Only one in North America is on Jeffs bike right now, the packaging has been the hold up so thanks for the patience!


Here is a vid I just found of Sorge and Lenosky doing a demo, it is cool to see amateur footage some times.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A must must see video and One POD!

King of the Animal House Finals Video from Ryan Fudger on Vimeo.


Straitline Factory Rider Dustin Greenall up on Pinkbike today with another POD!

dustin pod

See this is why you match the carpets with the drapes folks. Dustin is rocking  our platforms and the 35mm SSC pinch clamp stem all in red. And when he opens his mouth like that it really ties in his look and we all know style is everything right!

If you haven’t seen Dustin’s Seggy yet in Aaronn Laroques film What’s Next check it out here! Casey Groves shares the segment with him.

Monday, December 14, 2009

If Stevie can do why can’t I?

Eric has out ridden me ever since we met ten years ago in Tofino. He would take me on his local trails in Ucluelet that I’d rather walk because there is no trail - just gaps and blind drops.

“Stevie did it why can’t I” was Erics reasoning when he hit the 30ft gap at Mount Prevost with Steve Smith this Saturday. Steve cleaned it but poor Eric Failed miserably and is now accepting any xmas gifts early!

eri gap 002

This is a great time to call out the reality of this sport…Inherent risk!  Everything breaks, material has fatigue points and breaking stuff is actually fun and the name of the game. The Cove Shocker Frame and Straitline parts are fine but the rim and headset got devoured from the impact.


eri gap 001

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Micro parts! And a MTBcut happy ending!

Geek alert!!

Grab your Archie Comic and run away if you don’t like viewing anything tech related!

We just bought a fancy microscope to aid us in machining some complex parts for a client. It is like being a kid all over again putting everything within sight under the lens, a spec of dirt on the floor now becomes a mystical journey!



I used a paper clip for size reference, and paired the shots from above then closer up.




If I wasn’t known for talking out of my ass so much I would try to pass this next one off as my last vacation snorkeling but it is just a piece of material I found on the floor. It looks like it’s a glob of nickel.


In a few weeks we should have it hooked up to a TV so we can show items a bit better and more clear, the camera lens doesn’t like peering down the scope.

And again I am the worst guy ever to talk tech, so this video is very light and i bet 80 percent all wrong in everyway anyways!


Now lets un-dorkify and watch Stu over at hang out by himself with a camera!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Morewood Makula with Simon Garstin!

I have heard that Simon is a Redneck and all but was clear cutting and burning the hills side called for?
You may notice one berm is made entirely out of owl carcasses and their babies!

Nah, Welcome to Beautiful British Columbia. The clear cuts just never make it into the tourism pamphlets. I have no clue why, they make for rad trail building and our owls stack better too!

Simons Bike is a pimped out rig, I9 wheels, Elka suspension and Straitline boxxers and pedals!
morewood lama 002

Friday, December 4, 2009

Best video on earth!

Big claim I know but you be the judge!

It is one step above this cinematic wonder and that is also a heavy claim!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Ryan Leech Manifesto

Ryan doesn’t ride for us we just like him a lot!

If you have never met him… for $50 bucks I’ll send you his address and phone number and you can find out for yourself how mellow and easy going he is. Part Joking… part not joking, I need $50 bucks!


Ryan threw me this video while I was at Eurobike in 07 all alone… and this opening scene got me so stoked. I was in a cafe in Friedrichafen glued to the laptop hitting rewind to watch it over and over again, the guy can ride a bike!


If guys like Leech and Lenosky never progressed the sport to this level do you think we would be seeing a talent like Danny Macaskill exploding out into the scene like he has?


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Kyle Marshall cyclist of the year award!

Congratulations to Kyle, he just landed Cyclist of the Year on top of taking the  Junior National Championships for Canada!

He’s Kind of a big deal, check it out!


Junior Expert National Champion Kyle Marshall had this to say about his award: "Receiving this award came as a bit of a shock to me but I am very excited I got the "nod." I am really looking forward to building on my season from last year and making steps to becoming the top junior in the world next year!"


Here is Kyle, I think in Monte Saint Anne, this summer showing off-









Now go see this film…epic racing footage!

MADE Trailer from Callum Swift on Vimeo.