Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas to all and peace on earth with unicorns flying above!

I suck at being serious or sincere so I hope these videos express our gratitude for all of those who have supported us and to all of you who sadly understand where we come from.

We love having fun and when you are having fun, everything else seems to fall into place. Our new motto is... Never Compromise!

Have a merry Christmas!

Please... a good sense of sick humor is a must for this one.

I hope you have a huge happy heart after this one.

I just found this on youtube and admit I own all of Wham's albums.

This is for us in 2010/11.

Jon is my favorite comedian everand this video is a great parallel view on our sense of humor towards the bike industry...

And please keep in mind that this has taken a lot of courage to show you this.


Sneeck said...

Merry christmas Straitline crew.

Oh and for unicorns you must see

Straitline Components said... lol watch this to the end charlie!

Sneeck said...

That was simply awesome!