Thursday, December 3, 2009

Ryan Leech Manifesto

Ryan doesn’t ride for us we just like him a lot!

If you have never met him… for $50 bucks I’ll send you his address and phone number and you can find out for yourself how mellow and easy going he is. Part Joking… part not joking, I need $50 bucks!


Ryan threw me this video while I was at Eurobike in 07 all alone… and this opening scene got me so stoked. I was in a cafe in Friedrichafen glued to the laptop hitting rewind to watch it over and over again, the guy can ride a bike!


If guys like Leech and Lenosky never progressed the sport to this level do you think we would be seeing a talent like Danny Macaskill exploding out into the scene like he has?


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