Thursday, May 28, 2009

Alan Hepburn video!

I was chatting with Stu from and as we chatted his site started scrollign videos as usual. I saw some green pedals flipping in the air and what do you know Alan Hepburn has snuck into another video!

See if you can spot him, he's the guy in the air on the banshee in the dry aussy envirnoment!

Clicked Media presents...Showcase!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Laser Test

DJ's close call- moto crash!

Here is DJ one of the owners/ designers here at Straitline looking cool pulling high speed wheelies.

Now here is DJ not looking so cool in a slow speed wheelie!

3 inches from taking out the ladies car behind the shop. Look at his recovery, makes it look so simple.

We were focused on making tech videos then someone starts up a bike and we get distracted but take a look at our Laser etching a quick logo.

Side Note new 50 boxxer stem has finally been finished design etching wise here is the finished look

New bolts shave 8 grams off the final weight making it 139.8/140 grams!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Freeride BC Park is open in all phases- soon!

This is all you get for the teaser but rest assured we have a full budget all the machines we need and the skills to pay the bills.

Enjoy the serenity!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


WHISTLER OPENING DAY PARTY was the way to throw a party, easy fun and enthusiastic first day riders rolling around. Camp of Champions were in charge of the vibe, Banshee was demoing a few rides and Transition were displaying their new DH rigs.

I just stood there displayed some fresh gear and blessed a few riders with a deal on certain items, it was a good time for sure.

Was great to see bikes roll up decked in our gear, ironically Canada has been the hardest market to crack!

Check out Banshee bikes and transitions event postings, at least they have downloaded shots under 12 mega bites for you to see.


Friday, May 15, 2009

Ryan Berrecloth Bike Check!

Ryan has been popping up everywhere doing a great job repping BC riding and culture amazing how many riders just free float while a few make a serious go at it.

Check out Ryans ride and his custom Canucks paint job too! Ryan rides our Platform Pedals and puts them to the test daily on his Knolly, check out this link if you are new to our Platforms.

Pedal test!

Check out the full story on Pinkbike

Thursday, May 14, 2009

50mm Boxxers are back from ano!!

Ya ya, they are nice and new but look at this...

Our new sugar cube crossbow catapult launcher!

Sure some people may think we have way too much time on our hands but all work and no play is like all work with no play!

But seriously the new stems are very nice and will get feathered out there slowly, our first production run is sold out but a fresh batch is coming back from the anodisers as we speak. I took some close ups of the flow from behind with no face plate installed.

139 grams at 50mm's with all 8 bolts, the bolts pictured were just for show, new ones are dome shaped to shave 8 grams a stem. I will have soem at whislter thsi weekedn for show, check them out, you'll see me at the Longhorn with Transition and Banshee!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

WHISTLER opening day party $12,000 of free swag!

This Saturday Whistler opens up for the long weekend so get your but up their and visit our party!

Camp of Champions and Straitline were scheming on a Krankworks party but when I was away on Vacation RedBull and Kokanee stepped in and said lets spend money! So this weekend there is $12,000 in prizes to be one at the base on the Longhorn Saloon Patio.

Fully tricked out Banshee Wildcard dressed in Straitlines finest parts along with a full demo fleet from Transition and Banshee Bikes !

Yes this weekend will be the definition of Bum Rush but it will be worth it no matter how busy it can get.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

I'm back, Game on! Boxxer stems 50mm are here!

I was back last Friday but have been too busy picking peeling sun burns from hell.

I look like Freddy Kruger or that guy who has the scary skin disease but it was worth it, Guatemala is nuts, highly recommended.

Lots have happened since I left but this one takes the cake...

New 50 mm Boxxer Stems!

Here is a sneak peek of a raw proto made up for Factory rider Drew Mitchell.

Here is a sneak look at the longer boxer version.

Lower than anything so far / Bars will be flush with crown. All bolts custom turned down in house for a cone shape saving 8 grams a stem –will phase this in across the board.

Here’s the PR sheet AND the design perks...

- 50mm reach
- True Zero rise ie. the handlebar is absolutely flush with the crown (the lowest boxxer stem on the market)
- 139g with the help of custom coned bolt heads shaving 8 grams per stem
- 2 piece design is considerably stronger than 3 or 4 piece designs and also distributes stress on bars more evenly
- Machined from solid high strength aluminum in our own Canadian factory like all Straitline Components!

It is longer than the Ultra which places you directly over the crown for snappy handling but the 50 allows for the Bar to be flush with the crown for those who want to go low low on their rides.

These will be out in two weeks time!