Thursday, May 7, 2009

I'm back, Game on! Boxxer stems 50mm are here!

I was back last Friday but have been too busy picking peeling sun burns from hell.

I look like Freddy Kruger or that guy who has the scary skin disease but it was worth it, Guatemala is nuts, highly recommended.

Lots have happened since I left but this one takes the cake...

New 50 mm Boxxer Stems!

Here is a sneak peek of a raw proto made up for Factory rider Drew Mitchell.

Here is a sneak look at the longer boxer version.

Lower than anything so far / Bars will be flush with crown. All bolts custom turned down in house for a cone shape saving 8 grams a stem –will phase this in across the board.

Here’s the PR sheet AND the design perks...

- 50mm reach
- True Zero rise ie. the handlebar is absolutely flush with the crown (the lowest boxxer stem on the market)
- 139g with the help of custom coned bolt heads shaving 8 grams per stem
- 2 piece design is considerably stronger than 3 or 4 piece designs and also distributes stress on bars more evenly
- Machined from solid high strength aluminum in our own Canadian factory like all Straitline Components!

It is longer than the Ultra which places you directly over the crown for snappy handling but the 50 allows for the Bar to be flush with the crown for those who want to go low low on their rides.

These will be out in two weeks time!


Pete said...

That's it Greg, shave every gram possible!

Is there any chance you'll be making those bolts for the SSC stem too? My current one is a little overweight.

Straitline Components said...

Ya, this was for the weight weinies out there. All the shaved bolts will be phased in, boxxer will start out with them. Basically 1 gram a bolt in weight savings so the SSC stems would only loose 6 grams.
And its the worst job ever as we are turning them down one by one on our lathe since we cannto buy them at a good price.

Pete said...

6g is 6g saved. that's good news to me. Doing a machines job is never fun, but if I had a lathe all my bolts would be lined up and ready for it by now!

Anonymous said...

When will it be available?