Tuesday, December 30, 2008

This is the last post!

Some of you may know that we are in the lengthy process of building a local Free Ride park here in Sidney BC actually across the road a bit in North Saanich BC. www.freeridebc.com

So much work goes into building a bike park that is free for the community to train and ride in. Check this Park just built in New Zealand as shown on MTBcut.TV

I hate it when people say this to me at the years end but... See ya Next Year!

Check this jump vid out!

Last post of the year on the worlds most dumbest blog full of random useless facts and self plugs!!

Chris Soinonen and Alan Hepburn with Tim Burford put together a rad little clip down under rocking our Platform pedals.

I can never get Pinkbike vids t o Embed so click the link to check it out:
Chris and Alan

Chris and Alan always upload their new vids on their MySpace accounts

And lets end the year on a throw back video of Chris at Krankworks!

Banshee AMP decked in Straitline gear

Again we popped up on Sicklines this time as a build kit to show off Banshee Bikes new AMP hard tail.

Sicklines chose a pretty lean build at 24.2 lbs, all the while choosing a strong component package over chasing grams and compromising what the bike can take on the jumps or street.

"The Straitline SSC (Split Steerer Clamp) 50mm stem is up front and looking sexy. Matching blue Straitline pedals as well to complete the subtle yet bold blue look we were going for."

I am digging the subtle look for sure with slight accents but I think it would be cool to see a Banshee decal underside the down tube but I think this is a proto fresh off the line.

Regardless this is a sick little bike!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas Everyone!

This is just me speaking, Greg, the guys are either in Hawaii or sandbagging our warehouse for flooding but I had to do my last blog of the year and I really have nothing at all to say.

I have watched way too much TV and news programs at my folks house, I'm so glad I do not own cable at my house!

Merry Xmas


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

NEW 1.5 Stems are here!!!!

Wow, that was a special moment, this is the first stem off production, never been touched by human hands. Yes I threaded in the set screws but it was difficult not to touch the stem itself.

The 1.5 will only be available in 50 mm format and it is only 2 grams heavier than our 1 1/8th

We modified our programs to produce flawless perfect parts, take them out of the machine then off to anodising for an even higher level of finish quality.
pretty stoked!

We made the 1.5 a little different then the 1 1/8th mainly by making the pocket/ vents look more raw surrounded by mirror finish throughout the whole stem. Kind of like new school machining blended with old school.

I'll post it up with more info once back from the anodizing!

In other news... some of you may know I posses ninja like skills on finding random stuff we all need to know or see.

Fucking, Austria!

I have even taken the time to find a list of all the Fucking Hotels Here

And just in case you want to plan a riding trip there I compiled the Fucking Terrain Here.

Your Welcome.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

SICKLINES 25 days of Sickness!!!

Got a email about our new Ultra Boxxer Stem being on Sicklines I must admit, these guys are thorough!

One thing about making products is everyone either wants it for free or you get fluffy reviews when sometimes you need to hear the truth. We may Joke around about pissing Excellence but if that was our attitude we'd be screwed!

Check the review out! www.SICKLINES.com


Today's lazy blog post will be a few copy pasted links to videos I dig.

First up... MTBcut TV has a Rad Empire Promo video up...

These next vids are cool because they are right in our backyard and some here on the island.
Sicklines Crew rolling down Dirt Merchant in Whistler:

I had this video handed to me by NJT in Vegas a few years ago, the kid does rad re-cuts and promo videos....
NJT-The Gathering 06

And his two epic Seasons Re Cuts....
Mellow pumped up flowy mood-Re Cut
Want to jump through a stained glass window mood-Re Cut

And this is a must see, absolutely painful video i found...
Track Bike Mayhem

And take note to this guy laughing as his friend looses a couple femurs...
15 meter drop

That is all...

Friday, December 5, 2008

This is Machinist Porn.

This is a dorky post for all the CNC freaks out there...

Some may know that we manufacture our whole product line on Morie Seiki machines with some serious money being put down for the future of Straitline Components.

We recently brought in a NL2000SY with Live tooling and the cream of the crop Bar feeder to keep it running in the nights, plus a pallet system for our existing Mori NH4000DCG.

We pimped out our NH with a 11 cell pallet system fully dedicated to making Straitline, backing up the term precision. The NH is by far my Favorite, it is huge loud, and all you do is wonder what machine made this machine...

Check this cool video I found on Mori Seiki.

We also took a call from the Mori Corporation asking us if we could showcase our gear at their Trade show events. A honour since our bike parts would be shown amongst the best of the best. Check it and you'll see our stem 3rd in the picture scroll IMTS INNOVATION

Know your limits, stay with in it.

Saw a rad Helmet promo on Pinkbike and it Had me thinking about how flimsy my skid lid is! Actually inside it says it is for Wake boarding only but I never fall..

Got me thinking about a party at a bike shop last last night, maybe they should enforce party helmets when you drink!

"there are various police reports floating around victoria regarding various r****s cycles employees....you bolted at the right time dude.
oh yeah...and we've officially got the most hungover staff in the country right now...red eyes all around...and most people rolled in around 10am....

This is Called a Going Home early Fail!

When your spider senses tingle... it's time to leave!

I know my limit and stay with in it!

The real Jeff lenosky!

Ryan Denehy of Banquet said it right...

"The average fan of MTB rarely gets to see real personality and lifestyle of their favorite professional athletes. Well fans of Jeff Lenosky can wonder no more...the photo above says it all."

With so many video segments and national TV spots what would you expect? It is ridiculous to assume he'd drive this...

Check out Jeff's Myspace, it appears pink is still the new black! Or is that Fuchsia...?

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

North Saanich Freeride Park opens!

Gotter Did!

Phase One of the Freeride park is open!! Took us 1 year with no less than few hundred hours of excavation and site preparation to get to this point.

Kyle Michell and I worked late into the night to mix in some concrete and gravel over high traffic areas.

This 2 man feet only happened with the aid of some luxury tools, tools we wish we had from day one! Diesel powered wheel barrels on skid tracks, these are what you would call Pimp!

So, it took us this long because we did it right, tonnes of behind the scenes work to be done and I think we have reached a 1000 man hours in volunteer time.

Sadly I only have the photos above from last night as someone showed up, shoveled a load then took the camera home. sinneb is his name in secret code so I have nothing of the course! On opening day I will snap some day shots and videos of the track.

In the mean time enjoy this shot of me and a Cow in Switzerland.
When i landed back in Canada the custom agents asked if I visited any farms... I admitted i smacked a cows ass while on a bike ride. I don't think they took me serious but I was being honest!

More park info to come!