Wednesday, December 17, 2008

NEW 1.5 Stems are here!!!!

Wow, that was a special moment, this is the first stem off production, never been touched by human hands. Yes I threaded in the set screws but it was difficult not to touch the stem itself.

The 1.5 will only be available in 50 mm format and it is only 2 grams heavier than our 1 1/8th

We modified our programs to produce flawless perfect parts, take them out of the machine then off to anodising for an even higher level of finish quality.
pretty stoked!

We made the 1.5 a little different then the 1 1/8th mainly by making the pocket/ vents look more raw surrounded by mirror finish throughout the whole stem. Kind of like new school machining blended with old school.

I'll post it up with more info once back from the anodizing!

In other news... some of you may know I posses ninja like skills on finding random stuff we all need to know or see.

Fucking, Austria!

I have even taken the time to find a list of all the Fucking Hotels Here

And just in case you want to plan a riding trip there I compiled the Fucking Terrain Here.

Your Welcome.


Jason said...

that's fucking sick, i can't believe how fucking brilliant that is.

Straitline Components said...

What the fuck are you talking about? Are you talking about Fucking Austria or the Fucking awesomeness of this Fucking awesome product release?

If you are implying that the city of Fucking is Fucking awesome we will not be offended because we fucking agree it is just fucking awesome.
Fucking Austria is the Fucking best city in all of Fucking Austria in our eyes!

Killerbarbies said...

Greg, you should have widened the view in Earth...nearby there is a place called Tittmoning although I can swear that I've never heard them :)

Straitline Components said...

Oh, so many places I need to see before I die.

After Fucking I want to head of to Intercourse Pennsylvania, I hear the intercourse family restaruant there makes awesome eggs benny's. Check it out:,_Pennsylvania

Then if anyone wants to join us we will do a riding trip in Kentucky mixed with some camping at Big Bone Lick Park

Then when money gets tight from this epic road trip we will look for jobs in Sugartit Kentucky:

I can go one for ever lol!
Have a good new years!