Friday, July 29, 2011

Colorado Crankworxs… 4 SL riders Qualified!

Just watched the qualifying round live on Pinkbike… audio was horrible but great to see the guys get in the big event tomorrow.

Straitline Riders in main event are…

Jack Fogelquist  - Pedals

Eric Lawrenuk  - Pedals

Cam McCaul  - Hydraulic Hyro

Brandon Seminuk - Hydraulic Gyro

And Anthony Messere is getting a hyrdo asap after killing the Whistler course.

Groves is banned from the states until paper work gets filed and Montgomery is attending a family function and had to pass.

Watch the event tomorrow at 2pm west coast time

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Edge Factor show films Straitline


I saw Edge Factors Chilean episode when I walked in on the guys glued to the screen in awe of this new concept tv show. I emailed Jeremy with a joke slid in on how I will kill myself on Youtube if they cover a cheese factory instead of us and I guess it worked because he called the next day.


I talk a lot of Sh*t but this is biking and it is fun so we have fun but I’ll shut up and show you the teaser now…

Truly Honoured to be apart of this.

Please watch the Chilean miner rescue, these guys were the unsung hero's of that global rescue we all watched on CNN.

Edge Factor - Chilean Mine Rescue from Edge Factor on Vimeo.

Montgomery’s pinkbike bike check

Mike had a sweet ass run in the finals this weekend in Slopestyle… unfortunately his backflip barhop had his seat tap his back sending the bike the opposite direction. The trick was risky and he got deducted points just missing the finals.
But, he’ll be back and it’s no big thing, just more time to train right.
Here is Mikes Bike check with
Mike Montgomery Bike Check on
Mike's 100mm travel Banshee Rampant uses Manitou suspension front and rear, although he sets it up extremely stiff so he can still get maximum pop off of the lips. His rig is also equipped with Straitline's hydraulic gyro, allowing him to spin the bars without worrying about ripping out a brake line.
Watch Freerides overview of the event, you can see Mikes backflip Barhop and tap his seat on Vital.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Straitline’s Gyro on the 1st place podium!

Brandon takes first place on our Gryo system and now has more money than you and I! The first place check was $10,000 more than last years at $25,000! His precision style always ensures he hits the podium and it wasn’t a shock to see the scoreboard after his second run.



After the shot was taken below, Brandon was swiftly arrested for force feeding 15 year old minor Anthony Massere alcohol.  I made that up.

But what a show it was this year, super fun course to watch and the riders obviously liked it by the way they ALL threw down as apposed to every other year when only a few choose to throw down.

Big thanks to the Pinkbike crew and Redbull for letting us sit in the death star tower for the show. I was next to Brandons Mom and had to give her play by play when he did his runs because she couldn’t watch her son compete at this level of insanity.


Stoked to have Brandon on the Gyro and expect another blog on judging and our other riders Montgomery and McCaul that threw down. Montgomery got a 63.4? I guess stubbing your toe on one run deducts 30 points minimum.Crankworx 2011

Friday, July 15, 2011

Straitlines Lama DH Team!

Our Canadian distributor Lama Cycles takes distribution one step further than most.. they actually ride and have their own DH team! 
Crankworxs is on this weekend and its a cool way to see old friends prior to the tradeshow whirlwind. We deal with each other all year long but it takes events to pull everyone out from all corners of the earth and Crankworxs does just that.
I Called up the Lama Crew to see where they are at and by chance and they were hanging out with Justin Brantley and Mike Montgomery eating Breakfast in Whistler. All of them were heading off to coach at Camp of Champions, a camp we have sponsored since the beginning. Most of the coaches ride our gear and are our athletes.
The connections are endless, all the competitor brands who are all friends and being a dick in this industry is a very dumb thing to do. It is biking the raddest sport and day job anyone can hold.
This video from Lama perked me up and I’m stoked to hang with everyone next week when we roll up!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Lenosky’s Teva Shoe and the JLO pedal.


For the Quick and dirty on the pedal just click this review or read on for our trade secrets on the pedal.

Our pedal was originally designed to be simple and feel great on the foot when riding. Intended to become the crystal meth of biking, one ride and you can’t go back to the old set you had.

Dished out perfectly and the pins all have 6 sides to the tips, something fancy we discovered when after grip

We made it larger than the norm so that it mimic's the shoes’ sole. Nothing revolutionary just smart and simple and an obvious thing to do.

Enter Jeff Lonosky, he saw a set and called us up and has ridden for us for 4 years now even creating his own custom graphic pedal with 24 karat  gold plated  traction pins.

 Jeff Lenosky gold

Now he has dropped a custom shoe line with Teva games and designed the shoe around our pedal

Here is a quick review I found on Jeff’s Facebook


Friday, July 8, 2011

Miss America!

Me and the rest of the Locs on Spokez crew started a trail in the winter, took a break as things picked up in the spring, and banged out the rest of it in May.  We named it “Miss America” and couldn’t be happier with how it turned out!  Justin and Devin started their new media group called “Root One Media”, and we all worked hard to shoot what we had dug so much on.  I’m really psyched on how it came out, enjoy!

DirtTV Windham practise and Brayton gets dissed!

Straitline’s Adam Brayton is kind of a big deal over in the Uk worldcup circuit but over here he gets put in his place by Micayla at the videos end!

More Mountain Biking Videos
Braytons promo video for our pedals

Thursday, July 7, 2011

New AMP pedal and Graphics and a evil prank!


At Straitline we chose from the beginning not to get bogged down in fancy marketing angles rather we focus on technology and making a better part than the next guy. This frees up a lot of cash and allows me to just be me and have fun, mainly at others expense. Read on it ends on a good one after the


A little while ago I leaked a few videos out to Sicklines one of the more technically accurate sites about our new pedal and robotic system.

I showed simple machining techniques and raw pedals but nothing finished and ready for the market.  Normally we would laser etch our graphics into the pedal body and I would be showing you what we came up with but this pedal is a bit complex in design and we want graphics on the edges.


So when we do release the pedal hopefully by Crankworxs expect a littler flair outside the norm on this 330 gram pedal!

Now as boring as it can be waiting for something to come it also opens up some reasons kill the time waiting.

I introduce to you the Decoy!

Here is a simple overview on what to do.

Take a tape gun and wrap in the middle of a fluffy roll of toilet paper. Be sure to stay in the middle and not to wrap it too tight as it will warp the edges making the victim suspicious. 5 wraps minimum all in the center. IMG_0678

Take a full length off Toilet paper and wrap it around only allowing enough to hang to entice the victim. Attach the decoy paper with the packing tape but this time go lengthwise perfectly.


Stare at the toilet paper roll and see if you can see anything suspicious, if you can assume they will too. This is very much like building a duck blind.


Install the decoy and wait! Now lets get back to work.


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

World record breakdown

Mike said it so now he has to get Training to pull this off. Having Moto in the blood eases the fear of long distance flights but the water in the tube idea sounds like a tow in is definitely a must.

Mike Montgomery's World Record Plans — More Mountain Bike Photos