Thursday, July 14, 2011

Lenosky’s Teva Shoe and the JLO pedal.


For the Quick and dirty on the pedal just click this review or read on for our trade secrets on the pedal.

Our pedal was originally designed to be simple and feel great on the foot when riding. Intended to become the crystal meth of biking, one ride and you can’t go back to the old set you had.

Dished out perfectly and the pins all have 6 sides to the tips, something fancy we discovered when after grip

We made it larger than the norm so that it mimic's the shoes’ sole. Nothing revolutionary just smart and simple and an obvious thing to do.

Enter Jeff Lonosky, he saw a set and called us up and has ridden for us for 4 years now even creating his own custom graphic pedal with 24 karat  gold plated  traction pins.

 Jeff Lenosky gold

Now he has dropped a custom shoe line with Teva games and designed the shoe around our pedal

Here is a quick review I found on Jeff’s Facebook


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