Thursday, July 7, 2011

New AMP pedal and Graphics and a evil prank!


At Straitline we chose from the beginning not to get bogged down in fancy marketing angles rather we focus on technology and making a better part than the next guy. This frees up a lot of cash and allows me to just be me and have fun, mainly at others expense. Read on it ends on a good one after the


A little while ago I leaked a few videos out to Sicklines one of the more technically accurate sites about our new pedal and robotic system.

I showed simple machining techniques and raw pedals but nothing finished and ready for the market.  Normally we would laser etch our graphics into the pedal body and I would be showing you what we came up with but this pedal is a bit complex in design and we want graphics on the edges.


So when we do release the pedal hopefully by Crankworxs expect a littler flair outside the norm on this 330 gram pedal!

Now as boring as it can be waiting for something to come it also opens up some reasons kill the time waiting.

I introduce to you the Decoy!

Here is a simple overview on what to do.

Take a tape gun and wrap in the middle of a fluffy roll of toilet paper. Be sure to stay in the middle and not to wrap it too tight as it will warp the edges making the victim suspicious. 5 wraps minimum all in the center. IMG_0678

Take a full length off Toilet paper and wrap it around only allowing enough to hang to entice the victim. Attach the decoy paper with the packing tape but this time go lengthwise perfectly.


Stare at the toilet paper roll and see if you can see anything suspicious, if you can assume they will too. This is very much like building a duck blind.


Install the decoy and wait! Now lets get back to work.


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