Friday, October 31, 2008

Check this Ride out!

Because I got the skills to pay the bills I snagged a shot of Banshee Bikes new AMP hardtail. Okay it was actually directly sent to me but check this out.

The guys at Sicklines just built up their new AMP and dressed it up with some fresh new Blue from Straitline.

If I was more organised I would tell you the release dates on the new AMP but I'm not. Just really cool to see more BC firms step it up against the big corps

Stick it to the man!

This is my Friday filler, watch this to the end!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Straitline Pedal dimensions revealed...

I was lurking on the Internet as usual, when I found a simple forum thread asking for pedal dimensions on PinkBike.

So why not finally explain this mystery and end the hype on Straitlines wide bodied pedals. I snapped this shot to explain the boring stuff in one image. And yes imagine you were under me looking up, it is shot right.

The pedal is a broad as the shoe that is placed on it and we dished it... Simple.

The boring stuff:

Wide - measured from where the axle enters the pedal body to the bodies tip is
95mm /3.74 inch

Lenght- measured toe to heal where the foot makes contact
97mm /3.82 inch

Overall length including the forward lean is
111mm /4.27 inch

Pedal height at the tallest is
20mm /.79inch

Pin height once properly installed rise up
5mm /.2inch

Go here to watch a video of the pedals being disected and rebuilt.

And go here to see a Pinkbike blog review someone did on the pedals.

Monday, October 27, 2008

DJ busting a top gear wheelie - moto

I was chatting with Eric from Elka Suspension a new Canadian in house firm with motor cross in their blood. Then it got me digging for vids of DJ, one of the owners / Designers here at Straitline ripping his infamous wheelies on the Island back roads.

Check them out.

This is where we got our lever influence from!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ninja Kitty

Ninja Cat @ Yahoo! Video

If all cats were like this one, I'd take 5! NINJA KITTY!!


Monday, October 20, 2008

Never accept a package from Straitline

I am so proud of myself I had to share this.

If people like BMW insist on punking me for being so godly like, then the least I can do is pay it forward!

This is what we call a humor test.

First you select a high profile rider as the victim!

Then you send a cleverly disguised package via Greyhound, AKA Canada's most welfare and very public parcel delivery station!

The plan is to make the victim DO "the walk of shame" in the most humiliating situation known to man, a Canadian Greyhound station. You could have sent it overnight on FedEx but your friends are Ghetto, and Gayhound is how they roll!

But what if it fails? First off you must Make the box big! A minimum of 15 inches by 15 square with all the sides marked. Make is so big that his disgusting private life is exposed to a crowded room. Sayings like "All Sales Final" are a great addition for believability and as shown.... highly suggested.

No matter what they say or do you know they need whats inside that box, it overrides their common sense. You just made them openly sign for a giant box of man love!

Because I am a perfecionist, I had Greyhound call him with a fake name "Pablo Berrecloth" so that the phone call starts off confusing and awkward right from the start!

Then you sit back and enjoy the moment, because you sir, have just made something special.
Welcome to the team Ryan!

Never accept a package from BMW

Unsure if everyone has picked up on this yet but we are all about pranks and having as much fun as possible, but...

I made the mistake by befriending the guys at Brooklyn Machine works in New York. It all started with a few funny YouTube links, then Luke even asked us to make custom bar caps for a bike they were building for Kanye West, things were cool! But now it has just gotten out of hand!

I receive yet another thoughtful "care" pack from Brooklyn!

Too bad I can't show you the "documentary" film he sent with the note!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Let me hear you say....

I had to post this drifting video, so lame but it was so fun to drift your piece of shit CCM bike when you were a kid. But this drift vid actually looks like Drifting should make a serious comeback or does it have to be in before it can come back?, Check this Drift out!

But this video I really dig. Instead of magazines pitching manufacturers against each other and everyone pipe off their two cents, someone had an idea to finally pitch the magazines against each other to see who is the best! Brilliant!

Process Black from Tyler Morland on Vimeo.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Kurt Sorge 2nd at the Rampage!

Kurtis Sorge, Brandon Semenuk and Thomas Vanderham crowned the best of the best in Big Mountain riding!

Sorge styling it up at the Rampage.
Whipping the 60 ft gap after charging into it out of another cliff line!

By the looks of it you would think he was about to throw the bike, actually he is just busting a giant Superman the cliff gap.

I guess this is our blog so we can do what we want without having to give a shit... Holy Fuck! The Redbull Rampage so just punked the Krankworks event in my eyes! Sadly it is not very spectator friendly due to location but no doubt this is to date the worlds most hardcore freeride event!

So stoked for Kurt, probably the coolest event to podium on all year and with the level of competition having the worlds best riders in attendance, congrats.

Kurt charged his lines and almost took it but Semenuk has been dominating the scene this year, and at least all three on the podium are BC boys!
Big mountain is back!

Check out the Rampage videos here

Sorge sent this shot of his XRAY platforms eh road in the event. Obviously these were fresh, we start out blingy and sexy but these are designed to be beat on.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Dirt Magazine throws some love our way.

The best thing about this article is that it was unsolicited and from the heart.

Check it out!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Eurobike highlight

Freecaster made a little video of the show and saved you from all the boring product pitches with some Jay Z playing over the footage.

Sam Pilgram and Amir Kabbani were our roomies during the show so check the video for the goods on what the show is like.

Check it out! Eurobike highlight Must see!

Besides landing podiums at the 26TRIX in Austria below are the boys at the Eurobike show on the podiums, Pojok took first while Sam Pilgram second with Amir Kabbani taking third. But the night before...

Not to give excuses but maybe Sam and Amir would have placed better if Dennis and I never tied their shoes together the morning of the comp! It sounds evil especially the shaving cream in the tooth brush, but they rolled in at 5am into the apartment we were sharing and started a food fight at 5am.

I picked some apples from the orchard the night before because I am a nice guy and Sam decided they would be fun to throw at me if I snored one more time. There were Apples exploding on the walls, then a bag of gummy bears, a poor plant flew more hours than it wished, ending with a chair!

I will never forget Amir saying "A chair? Who throws a chair?" then me laughing because I tend to take it to the next level at times lol.

It was all Ruedi of TSG's fault for letting us crash with them on a farm. Eurobike definitely kicks Interbikes ass when it comes to having fun.