Thursday, October 30, 2008

Straitline Pedal dimensions revealed...

I was lurking on the Internet as usual, when I found a simple forum thread asking for pedal dimensions on PinkBike.

So why not finally explain this mystery and end the hype on Straitlines wide bodied pedals. I snapped this shot to explain the boring stuff in one image. And yes imagine you were under me looking up, it is shot right.

The pedal is a broad as the shoe that is placed on it and we dished it... Simple.

The boring stuff:

Wide - measured from where the axle enters the pedal body to the bodies tip is
95mm /3.74 inch

Lenght- measured toe to heal where the foot makes contact
97mm /3.82 inch

Overall length including the forward lean is
111mm /4.27 inch

Pedal height at the tallest is
20mm /.79inch

Pin height once properly installed rise up
5mm /.2inch

Go here to watch a video of the pedals being disected and rebuilt.

And go here to see a Pinkbike blog review someone did on the pedals.


Anonymous said...

Must you tease me with those blue pedals!?!?!?!?
When are they going to be available?

Straitline Components said...

They are ready to rock now, just ask the distributors or better yet get the local shop to hassle them. They are feathering out there.

Anonymous said...

Cool, BTI has em, but this one pic here looks kinda flat. Like they've been 'tumbled'. Not shiny like the red ones.....?

Straitline Components said...

get used to bad shots when I take them! I'm no pro!

Anonymous said...

Does that mean they gleam like the reds ones I used to have???

Straitline Components said...

all our gear gleams when it leaves, but anodising tones/shades can vary but this is life!

We bright dip all the gear on top of our polishing processes. Any that lack luster or have been messed up we strip them for powdercoating JLO Green or white.
Cuz we smrt.