Monday, January 31, 2011

Mike’s bike tips!

Todays Monday’s Megadeth installments actually include a bit of death or possible death, we will never know as the clips are short. Please record more please!

Must see trick tips before attempting failure.

Hospital jump, this is why we make our pedals super dished with 6 sided pins, he could have stuck it if he committed.

Let the cameras roll a bit longer people, advising friends of their speed is a plus too but not really necessary as they should figure it out on their own anyways.

MegaDeath Monday

This Mondays installment, enjoy.


Some Mike Metzger helps the monday blues.

Now we have this other Mike Metzger. I have no idea why the Real Metzger doesn’t just take Mike out and save the families name and respect. 

Mike still bitches about when I lit him on fire in Vegas while we stood in a liquor store. I just can’t handle him so I tried to take him out!

Subliminal product placement while you read this….

Info on it here



This one never gets old…


More please.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fogelsode S2 #7: Epic Ride Time

After watching too many Epic Meal Time videos on YouTube, Iggy and I decided to get creative when it came to making breakfast!  Leaving the house with satisfied stomachs, we met up with Allen Stoddard and Conner Kuhns out on the trails.  We had a good time on the evening trail ride, enjoying the great weather and trail conditions.  We even learned a few new lines that we’d never tried before.  Enjoy!


Photo Credit: Conner Kuhns


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dear Industry…

Whoa… Radical man, Cowabunga Dude!

cam zink 2

Take a look at that line choice, that is what you call dropping in a Straitline!!

I have nothing bad to say about Cam, the guy is a legend but who ever did the release on Pinkbike today to announce Cam’s new Evil deal needs to apologize.


A friend of mine who is a investigative reporter sent me these files and you can see how Steezy Cam is getting in this Cliff Drop.

cam zink 2untilted

I think his ability to win every comp and throw 60 ft stepdown 3’s is suffice, no extra hype needed here Mr Camera man.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dean Tennant and LaRocque slayed this video!


No words needed, watch it and crank the music. Shot locally in Victoria area and Dean is so loose in this it is nuts. 


Dean is riding our Boxxer Stem in 50 mm version in this clip.

Straitlines new Race Ring!!

Like everything we make and will ever make we try and improve on what's available but of course some items we just make to color match your ride, not much to improve on spacers!

When It comes to making a ring it simple.

-Make it light but not so light you compromise rigidity

-Make it from the proper material for the job, in this case 7075 t6

-Refrain from the urge to add colors and Hard anodize them

----What the F...k is hard anodising you ask?

in the end, this is what we ended up with and excuse the picture quality.

xzgyro 019

This race ring comes in 34/36/38/40th for now, more to follow.


40.8 grams- 34th / 46.4 grams- 36th / 54.7 grams- 38th / 56.0 grams- 40th

This ring is in one color only, not sure how to describe it but it’s a light bronze but I wanted to call it Rainbow Butt Monkey Bronze or the RBMB if you will.

Finding a Google image of Rainbow Butt Monkey Bronze is disturbing.  Just blend the Monkey grey into the boars gold mane and you get a good example of the color we offer the race rings in.


It is in one color because we chose to Hard Anodize the material and this gives you only a few color options all lack luster in comparison to what we normally make, but this is a tool destined for a harsh grimy environment.

Hard anodizing penetrates deep into the material and like a motor cross sprocket, what you need for longevity and besides, it’s hidden anyways.

Our first batch has been sent over to Australia along with my two Donny and Danny -original- New Kids On the block dolls for a world tour.

Look out for Donny and Danny on the OZ DH circuit Hanging Tough!

world tour

Again this shot appears grey but they are bronzey, this ring is reflecting the lights above.

xzgyro 001

I’ll get some pro shots done and do a proper release shortly, in the mean time Donny and Danny have the mic.

xzgyro 005  xzgyro 012

You feeling it yet? Donny is.

xzgyro 008

Monday, January 24, 2011

Mike is High!

I love coming up with titles like that, I feel like I work for the local news paper and if i can miss-lead you just once, you may pick it up and buy it.


Vital has a slideshow of Straitline’s Mike Montgomery playing in the park.


Megadeth Monday!

No words really needed here.



But a lot of words are needed for this one…wtf is a good one to sart with. It is Mcdonalds so this is relevant.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Andi Wittman and some guys portfolio!

Straitline’s Andi Wittman –rides our Silent guide- can be spotted throughout this portfolio collection from Markus Greber.

Take your time and scroll through this thing, it is a orgy for your eyes, good shots and play the where's Andi game while your at it.


And this is still the coolest vid I’ve seen in ages. I was in a airport somewhere when Andi emailed me sneak peeks and I had stranger clustered around looking at the Heli sequence.


More Mountain Biking Videos

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Guilty Pleasures are okay at Straitline!

Guilty pleasure music alert!! Straitline's Jack Fogelquist and his Cougar slaying Summer of Love re-cap1


Fogel's Summer Adventure from Jack Fogelquist on Vimeo.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Adam Brayton is faster than me.

The thing I love about Brayton is that he came to us like many of the Athletes we support and the relation started off on the need for a good part over a “Hey sign this contract kid!” beginning. 

Plus he talks out of his ass, takes a piss at himself and everything around him and just rides fast and loose and always on platforms!

More Mountain Biking Videos

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Fogelsode S2 #6: Good Ol' Winter

The weather’s been amazing lately, with many warm sunny days and a few rainy ones here and there.  We got some solid rain one morning, which threw off the day’s plans, so I decided to go to the step-up instead and do a bit of filming.  I brought my slope bike out there and had a good time trying some tricks that I’d only done on my hardtail.  With the sun coming out the next day, many made their way over to Post Office to do some digging.  It was productive to say the least, and with a few more days of work, there should be a couple new lines running!


Friday, January 14, 2011

Megadeth Monday!

Everyone these days have a funky angle on how to drive up traffic doing Monday movies, Friday Free Ride and so on.

From here on in out of sheer desperation to be different, I introduce to you Megadeth Mondays!  -Yes today is Friday but I’m not blogging until Monday and I’m lazy.


Sure I will run out of videos from them so I will run any video starting with an M from the Muppets to straight up Murder!

Enjoy the first installment.

And a fitting video

Wait, this gets better..

This one is in Madrid India so it qualifies.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Jeff Lenosky time!

This is a rad collage of Mr Lenosky I found. If you do not have them by now or even know of them, we made a custom pedal for Jeff and threw in 24 karat gold pins!

How was that for a heavy sales pitch!  They just look cool but are identical to our standard pedals if your not into owning gold and want to be normal.

WEB SHOTS 2010 069


Enjoy the video an if anyone has the older green editions send me your pictures!!



Also, while stalking the interweb for cool stuff I found this shop H&S  Bikes I just found out there is 7 made…4 left! Run to the piggy bank and call them up!  


“JUST RELEASED!!! H&S Bicycles has been working with world famous freeride and trials mountain bike rider Jeff Lenosky to put together a limited edition frameset kit. The kit will include an autographed 2011 Giant STP frame, Straitline "Jeff Lenosky 'JL' Limited Edition Pedals", Native Eyewear white limited edition Gonzo sunglasses custom made for Jeff and a Certificate of Authenticity. Each kit costs $799. There are only 7 frames made and only 5 are left, come and get yours while you can!!!”

Racing in Taiwan

  Rob from Banshee threw up a cool race story about Taiwan and there race scene we all never knew existed! 


Check it out here.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Casey Groves knows the secret to life!

Our pedals can open a beer bottle but their may be dirt or poop in the webbing. Here Casey Demonstrates how to solve the no beer bottle opener scenario and avoid poop inside that cold bevy!

3 simple steps.

Flip bike

Spin Tire

Drink beer


Beer Bottle Trick from Casey Groves on Vimeo.



Monday, January 10, 2011

Adam Brayton DIRT… Finally 2

Straitline Components Adam Brayton starts off DIRT’s/ Finally 2 video teaser with some style.


Right as the beats kick in at the 30 second mark Adam is sending it on his Banshee MK11 Legend then at 1:16 railing some corners.

Check it out.

More Mountain Biking Videos

Adam is also one of the few who ride the World Cup courses on flats and with our pin design we stick like shit anyways.

More Mountain Biking Videos

Vancouver Island has it’s own magazine now!

I saw this link up on Pinkbike Today and we now have a Magazine being produced locally for free.


Check it out, you know you want to live here but can’t find the reason…

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mans Life Magazine! Get it… trust me.

This may be the ultimate Raddest magazine to ever hit the print. Who knew turtles could jump like that?


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Morewood bikes hates trees!


It’s a funny title for this blog because it’s ironic. I support this stuff, great out of the box thinking for a mutually beneficial cause.

We were going to do the same but with a twist. For every pedal you buy we would club a seal up north because everyone likes to club seals and we all know that they migrate south every winter and eat trees.  A bit different but with a common goal to save trees.


Spread the word, this is great positive pr.


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Mike gets some new Kicks.

Straitline’s  Mike Montgomery signs with a dream team for Osiris Shoes!




And check this client ride out! 

I got his warranty registration in a email and barfed in my mouth when I looked at the color combo’s but it looks sick when you see it!

Alex decided a gold tooth may be cool but a full Gold Grill is best, go all out with the bling.

Demo7 003


Demo7 005

From Russia with Love!

What other title could I have used? Its to do with Russia!


Our Russian distributors over at Velomir sent me these cool shots some time back and I remembered to post them.

Vados sent me a shot of his Wife Tania and I must say, she is rocking a serious bike.

russia 2




It’s always really cool to see your gear thousands of miles away in areas that you so arrogantly assume has okay riding.  We Canadians on the West have our blinders on and assume no where else can be liek back home but surprisingly the environments and the alpines can be so similar in Russia to New Zealand.


Vados’s bike rocking some time tested original Straitlines…


Monday, January 3, 2011

VOD on Pinkbike!

Conner, Luke, and I shot this back in September and it made VOD on Pinkbike today!

Fogelsode S2 #5: James' Santa Cruz Trip

James Visser just made the trip up here from San Diego to ride and chill for a week.  Due to the steady rain, most spots were far from running, but with a little work we got in a nice session on Hone’s jumps early in the week.  The trails were running great despite a few puddles here and there, so we got some runs in out there as well.  However, we spent the most time at the step-up, as the sand soaks up most of the rain and it runs great this time of year.  Towards the end of the week we got a big sesh going out there, with Greg throwing down some big tricks like a bar to tailwhip and even a double flip!  James went for the double flip, and got close, but under rotated on one and landed right on his head.  Thankfully he was perfectly fine after a moment of shock, so everyone decided to call it after that.  It was a rad week of shredding, enjoy!

James did quite a bit of filming with his GoPro as well, so check out his view of the week in his latest video!