Thursday, August 28, 2008

Off to EUROBIKE!!!

We are getting ready to take off to Eurobike for an amazing show as usuall and we are bringing some fresh toys!

Our new Bronze 35mm/50 mm stems 164grams/185grams MSRP $125

We will be located in Sportsnut booth stand-no.: FG-A9/1 come swing by and feed the fish! You will see what I mean when you walk inside.

In the meantime I will be a bit slow answering emails but will be checking in remotley so do not hesitate to get in touch.

Besides all of that I have to show our new BOXXER Stem we just finished last night.

This is our new toy, 28mm 135 grams including the 8 bolts! MSRP $140
Swing by if you are in the area!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Banshee legend decked in our new stem...

Keith and Jay from Banshee were hanging with us in Whistler for Crankworks showing off their new Banshee Legend and wow! I happened to have our new stems in the room so we decked it out Proto on Proto and were in awe. It was meant to be... check out Keith's new Legend and our stem!

The stems are not truly proto type we just never had the top cap ready in time for the show. All production models will come with free top caps branded in our logos making it a very clean stem.

Casey Groves Infamous Knockout!

Casey just posted on Pinkbike a personal perspective on his time at Crankworxs

Chicks dig it!

Casey Flatlining...

All I can say is that I never saw the impact until today in a video, our view blocked all the drama when Casey went huge of the step down obviously a little too huge. He was okay but ended up in the hospital to get his head checked out being diagnosed with a case of Awesomeness and a bad concussion.

Definitely check out Pinkbike today for a few good postings:
Casey's posting and Pinkbikes event wrap up


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Casey at the VW Trick competiton

"Tailwhips done with ease and tight pants torn like pantyhose. Casey Groves, without a doubt, pulled out the newest and most jaw dropping trick. At first, he started the hype in the crowd with a triple no footed can. That's right, a can to the right, then the left, then to the right again. It was definitely a next level piece of foot work. Big Brad "The Man" had $2000 worth of $50 bills in his hand courtesy of Volkswagen that he was tossing out to any rider who he felt deserved it. He, without question, tossed a bill Casey's way along with some taunting words pushing him to put another can into it. Casey's a really skilled rider and agreed with a huge grin to Brad's pushes. On his next run he pulled the quad no footed can. Or the double pendulum if you want to call it that. Either way it was nuts, and got him $3000 in his pocket, and his first cash prize in his life. "

VW Trick Showdown If you haven't seen it watch it.
Just so stoked for Casey, it was two years ago almost when we started when we floated him a single gold lever for dirt jumping on now he has come out of no where and stood his ground against the best in the world at age 16!

And shocker...Casey landed POD again today!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Groves and Sorge at Crankworks!

So much has happened since I last blogged, we had both Sorge and Groves in the event and both won invites to the Darren's clawworks this weekend.

Sorge 16th over all!

The funny thing is that I called up Lenosky the week prior to catch up and Sorge was sitting beside him at a demo. Jeff told me he was begging for some of Jeffs neon JLO pedals for his big Superman's at Crankworks but he just finished Colorado Krankworks and landed 15th so I thought he may have hit his head or something. Little did I know is that he landed a spot at Crankworks and was at the show... oops! We drank some beers on the deck on your behalf, sorry Kurt.

So Casey has been a busy guy this summer. He won the Whistler Air affair competition won a invite to Crankworks, then got invited to the red bull round up, went to Crankworks and battled with the best in the world winning best trick with Watts both winning 3'gs and Casey landing a invite to the Bearclaw event. This year was nuts for him.

Come event day Casey threw down a solid run in Qualify but on his second run over rotated a massive 360 on the big step down. The whole crowd went silent and the big screens went to commErcial as we waited to see if he was alright. Like, this jump is was gnarly! The night after the event we hiked the course and stood on the lip it is huuuge, I wouldn't even take a toboggan off of it in fresh pow.

Casey going huge on the spine setting up for the step down...

But Casey likes to test the products he rides so I am sure he was just curious about what happens when you land sideways on your bike. Result was it sucks and he will be passing on his spot at Darren's event this Saturday to heal up.

So, Sorge will be heading up island this weekend to represent all alone...! Alan Hepburn is here from Austrailia so him and I will probably drive up and put some pressure on him!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Crankworks was nuts!

Lenosky, Chase, Korba, George Ryan relaxing in the room with a view! We took over the roof top in style and had the best views going and a beer fridge nearby!

The Transition Crew was their with Watson and the Sombrio on top dropping their cans onto our party below!

Way too much to sift through right now but I promise I will blog it all. Dirt Magazine has made the best compilation of the main event so check the video out! Props to Casey Groves who took Best Trick !!! Stoked.

Monday, August 18, 2008

We are back!!!

So sorry for just disappearing fow weeks on end, so much to blog it is not even funny just so little time with all the events.

First off check whats coming your way...
I snapped a quick shot of the stems sp ignore the cotton fibers please! It is coming in 35mm/50mm all sub 200 grams, 35 is actually 165.4 or something like that.

We have been working frantically to deliver the new gear, attend the events and get ready for eurobike and Vegas shows and I promise I will blog more this week, I have to sift through everything first Krankworks cannot even be explained in words it was the sickest yet.

So in the meantime here is a quick little video made by Ken Thomson of XXIV promoting the Kings of Ballarat video in Australia.

The view off this camera is really addictive to watch.