Thursday, August 21, 2008

Casey at the VW Trick competiton

"Tailwhips done with ease and tight pants torn like pantyhose. Casey Groves, without a doubt, pulled out the newest and most jaw dropping trick. At first, he started the hype in the crowd with a triple no footed can. That's right, a can to the right, then the left, then to the right again. It was definitely a next level piece of foot work. Big Brad "The Man" had $2000 worth of $50 bills in his hand courtesy of Volkswagen that he was tossing out to any rider who he felt deserved it. He, without question, tossed a bill Casey's way along with some taunting words pushing him to put another can into it. Casey's a really skilled rider and agreed with a huge grin to Brad's pushes. On his next run he pulled the quad no footed can. Or the double pendulum if you want to call it that. Either way it was nuts, and got him $3000 in his pocket, and his first cash prize in his life. "

VW Trick Showdown If you haven't seen it watch it.
Just so stoked for Casey, it was two years ago almost when we started when we floated him a single gold lever for dirt jumping on now he has come out of no where and stood his ground against the best in the world at age 16!

And shocker...Casey landed POD again today!

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