Monday, November 30, 2009

DIRT magazine Surprise

Our UK distributors Hotlines arranged for a more fun way of introducing new colors into their Market. Bribery!


5 sets of custom pedals!


Dirt Crew keeps two sets and win and three lucky readers will fight to the near death for the other three!

Everyone wins, it is more fun, and we feel the love.

Check it out over at the DIRT site here:

And if you get into the habit of going to their site every Friday is Fridays Randoms! This is basically an excuse to scour the net for important and pointless material to keep content running smoothly!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Kelowna Bike Park

Yesterday I went over to our new yet unfinished bike park to ride for a little bit and shoot with my friend Mike Kirk. Here are some shots.......

Friday, November 27, 2009

Eurobike leftovers

The Yankees South of us just finished Thanksgiving  yesterday and this video kind of ties into food with friends and our many brother’s from other Mothers over in Germany!


After the long day at the Tradeshow at Eurobike we all hit the Fish Bar and have drinks … many drinks.

 EUROBIKE 09 066


Morewood Rider Cous Cous is a master of the Deep Sleep. Here he is giving all of us a demonstration of how to  save your energy for Race day, only awaking to eat!


Doesn’t matter when or where… Cous Cous knows what's important!


Now here is Cous Cous again demonstrating his Jury Duty stance, this guy is full pro!


When we do our Show we hang with a pretty cool group of people in basically a massive party tent where the brands are peppered all around, free beer and tunes!  SportsNut puts it on and all the brands gather once a year and Binge Drinking is fully endorsed and embraced.

Here’s to Europe!


interbike 09 020

Thursday, November 26, 2009

TEAM OK - Release Date Teaser

This is another teaser of the movie Team OK. Team OK is a film featuring riders from the Okanagan area. Everyone of the riders absolutely kills it!

Team OK - Release Date Teaser Video -

Casey Groves POD #235

Casey Groves took POD again today on Pinkbike!

I guess it is a dump 360 or a pre WTF Bail, regardless Casey always has style in doing it.

Watch this vid to the Never seen before segment 3/4 the way through. Casey takes you for a spin with a helmet cam!

Then this one has some more random footage of Casey with friends on some jumps they built with Dustin Greenall in The Okanogan.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Seat Collars Ahoy!


So… first off a slight diss to the industry! WTF is up with all the collar sizes? Can’t we all get along and bring it down to two? Took us some time to figure out what to focus on but we are offering 4 sizes: 28.6/30.0/31.8/34.9 their weights are from 20 grams to 21.3grams. Then when we get time - soon… our seat post will arrive and your bike will thank you.


The seat collars utilize Straitline Components patent pending design where you turn a bolt and tighten it onto the frame holding the seat. Actually we did trick it out a bit and use a custom barrel nut and they look really sick for such a simple product.

Once you buy the collar the need to match up kicks in and you start thinking of Straitline before food.

FTP 2009 - 10 PRODUCT 013

Now you have to tie it all in with some sick pedals then get bored of that color and repeat the process all over again!

FTP 2009 - 10 PRODUCT 008

This we cannot help you with but if you play your cards right, who knows.

Evette003.jpg Evette003 image by butterflycouture

Anyone ever play on Bing? I just found a blog feature for maps and I found my Van but it wasn’t there earlier today when I was looking at our warehouse! I wonder how close they can really zoom in?

Map picture

Friday, November 20, 2009

EVOLVE… old school vid with Lenosky!

I admitted a few posts down that we now Tweet and I too can stalk and follow with you guys. And while I was stalking… stumbled onto Evolve on Jeff’s Lenosky’s Twitter account.


Jeff Claims this video is what pretty much Started it all for him and it definitely started it for me. I find it a trip that we now work with Lenosky because between him and Leech setting the standards we all went out to try and at least manual like them.

Jeff sent me a shot of Jack his son wearing some fresh threads! My grandma actually knitted Jeff some custom green slippers to match his older pedals and insisted that I get them to him, they are epic in hardwood floored homes!



Anyways here is the video that Jeff claims started it all-


Lenosky’s personal edition pedal is soon to drop and if you have yet to see it they are the sexiest pedal we have produced to date!

24 Karat gold pins –plated of course- and matte black body!

Jeff Lenosky gold

Oh and this is a trade secret Lenosky will deny if you even ask him about it!

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Freeride BC in North Saanich simply needs you fingers for one minute!~


This is a bike community correct? Well I am here to tug at your heart strings and ask for your and help and launch a modern bike park North Saanich BC.


We have been working for years on a local project with the community to develop a world class training center- Now we simply need you to vote online!

I was planning to shout out about this park next summer but we really need to ask a serious favor.... go to this site and vote for our local park:

You could help us open up the last phases faster than you think. Slalom tracks, advanced pump tracks and pro DJ lines are coming and from there indoor facilities with foam pits and ramps much like Rays.


The leading project on AVIVA is at 2800 votes, the most votes by the community wins the grant money up for Grabs.

So please treat this like a early xmas gift from yourself to the riding community and vote on this park!


This park is winning awards for it's concept and opening up the doors for other communities to do the same. Voting takes two minutes max and you will not get spammed for voting.

Thanks in advance guys, we really appreciate it!

Greg Parish

Straitline Components

bike park build day

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Evil Pump Track of Death with Explosions and stuff!

Pump Tracks just sound so wimpy so the title ensures that you understand this will be a epic new addition to the Freeride BC course.
Chris Lamb is the man behind many of the best trails we love to shred in Whistler and last Summer he visited the park and got stoked on what we had planned. We were stoked just to have a guy like him build our slalom track!
So He has signed on to help future track development next Spring in our local project of love!

The amazing people of Rotary have also agreed to help fundraise and in return we will have Chris make the Rotary Fitness section the place to be!

Check out some of Chris’s work in these links:
Chris's work…


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Straitline is on twitter!

Man how many online societies will I have to join in the next 3 years? But twitter can be syndicated on the blog so now it is easy for me to do it.

Yes, we Twitter and yes you should follow us and peer into our minds.

Lets make it fun though!

4 links... one goes to the Twitter acount but 3 do not! One will make you smile, one may make you go kill yourself after, maybe one is a hidden passion you hide, one will erase all the previous bad things and make you giddy!

Choose wisley my friends!

LINK 1 Must be this one!

LINK 2 Are you sure?

LINK 3 May be illegal in 43 Countries!

LINK 4  No for real it is this one!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Alan Hepburns first post!

Alan and Casey are going to be posting.. yay!

They are what I like to call little MAC Bi***s and there is no easy program for Mac to blog from. It is like they are that annoying guy in the coffee line up. You know, the guy who is soo fancy and advanced his coffee order has 32 words in it.

But we forgive them like we have almost forgiven America for buying our beer companies and Whistler!
1 little run at the jumps

test from Alan Hepburn on Vimeo.

Alan Hepburn
This is a test post!
test test

STUND 2 with Groves & Greenall!!

Dustin and Casey have a cool segment in the new Stund… and yet again another Okanogan video!


Cool to see some summer vids because Whistler just opened up for Business and there is already avalanche warnings in effect!


You may notice how sexy the bikes are dressed in matching stems and pedals. There's my plug on the product!

Check the video out,


Check this twitter out from Camp of Champions “ 51 fresh overnight... Not much more needs to be said... Oh wait 78 in 24.”

Click here for the Whistler Map in large view

Friday, November 13, 2009

Ryan Berrecloth shreds my Home turf!

This was a rad way to start the day, Ryan sent us a link of his road trip to the infamous Okanogan Valley, my home turf!




Open and warm terrain with cactuses, rattlesnakes, badgers and the Ogopogo lurking… the Okanogan is a mans place!


That second mountain to the left is Summerland BC, that’s right it is called Summerland and the neighboring town is actually called Peachland. When I travel I just tell people that I am from Vancouver to avoid the questioning on a town named Summerland. It is retirement-ville, keep driving like Ryan did and hit up Penticton!

ryan forest

High alpine pecker poles… fast flowy trails…

ryan cliff edge 

Skaha valley Cliffs… miss this place!

ryan cliff


Check out Ryans full article on Pinkbike for more pictures, it really is a rad place to ride everyone just thinks of Whistler and the Shore when planning a trip to BC but every valley is unique, it is well worth it.


                       Ryans Okanogan Trip in full here!



                                And Part 2 Here



Steve Romanuk just VOD today with Knox Mountain helmet cam, again a home town spot in the Valley. I’d ride it until the snow pushed me down the hill, then off to Victoria to ride Street in the Winter.


This Mountain is really simple to ride and just fast and fun as hell at the base of Kelowna City.  Getting nostalgic, haven't been there in forever!


Check it out!


Oh and it is famous for the evil Ogopogo… look at the scary waves.

Monday, November 9, 2009 Stu and Cathro taking a piss!

The title may sound dirty but they are British and taking a piss -AKA messing around- and posting it up for all to see is okay in the UK!

They say it is the shittiest video ever made by them but I actually think it is the best yet, more fun, less portrayal of being Number 1!

We decked their bikes in pedals and stems in a custom colour for cool kids only and soon we must make up a new scheme.

Next season I think we will make the pink brighter and lessen up the black, regardless they will be one off’s for MTBCUT only!

The gear was to compliment the bikes in the video below. In your face Pink.


Ben Cathro's Orange 225 - 50mm fixed stem.

You can see it better on this Pinkbike Video where Ben Cathro goes over his ride

“Ben Cathro is part of the MTB Cut DH team and is the only racer on the World Cup Circuit that is 7 feet tall. Ok maybe he's not 7 feet tall, but damn he's a giant. Ben is here with fellow team mate Joe Barnes and is sporting the all new prototype Orange 225 bike.”

Friday, November 6, 2009

XMS Straitline World Cup team

Luis of XMS Imports, our Spanish Distributor  sent me some shots… I kept it very Vague until I could label each shot with rider and credits… give me a day or two but enjoy the shots!

toni mid section

Admittedly until we launch our new website it will be hard for us to capitalize and manage all of our sponsorship efforts and I must say that for our size we have been blessed!

 2009 Wold Cup

pasqual_hip xms

La Bresse 2009 World Cup Downhill Race 




Toni_hip jump 

toni_lower berm 



W4 Team XMS_Planeta_2 

W4 Team XMS_Planeta_11 


Trent Zoobkoff rocking our Flats with Team Devinci Pinkbike!

Admittedly this has nothing to do with anything but it sure is funny.. to me at least!

pop a smurf

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

What’s Next Rider Segments!


Aaron Larrocque is kind of a big deal these days and with the release of a free online video called What’s Next, he set the bar pretty fricken high for his next release. 


Here are scenes of our riders Alan Hepburn, Dustin Greenall and Casey Groves rocking Straitline pedals and stems and levers.. Enjoy the tunes!





What’s Next Full Feature film put it on full screen and crank it up, seriously epic film!



And check out these custom one off’s we made just for Aaron as a big thanks for letting us get involved in this film!

whats next pedals