Friday, November 13, 2009

Ryan Berrecloth shreds my Home turf!

This was a rad way to start the day, Ryan sent us a link of his road trip to the infamous Okanogan Valley, my home turf!




Open and warm terrain with cactuses, rattlesnakes, badgers and the Ogopogo lurking… the Okanogan is a mans place!


That second mountain to the left is Summerland BC, that’s right it is called Summerland and the neighboring town is actually called Peachland. When I travel I just tell people that I am from Vancouver to avoid the questioning on a town named Summerland. It is retirement-ville, keep driving like Ryan did and hit up Penticton!

ryan forest

High alpine pecker poles… fast flowy trails…

ryan cliff edge 

Skaha valley Cliffs… miss this place!

ryan cliff


Check out Ryans full article on Pinkbike for more pictures, it really is a rad place to ride everyone just thinks of Whistler and the Shore when planning a trip to BC but every valley is unique, it is well worth it.


                       Ryans Okanogan Trip in full here!



                                And Part 2 Here



Steve Romanuk just VOD today with Knox Mountain helmet cam, again a home town spot in the Valley. I’d ride it until the snow pushed me down the hill, then off to Victoria to ride Street in the Winter.


This Mountain is really simple to ride and just fast and fun as hell at the base of Kelowna City.  Getting nostalgic, haven't been there in forever!


Check it out!


Oh and it is famous for the evil Ogopogo… look at the scary waves.

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