Friday, November 20, 2009

EVOLVE… old school vid with Lenosky!

I admitted a few posts down that we now Tweet and I too can stalk and follow with you guys. And while I was stalking… stumbled onto Evolve on Jeff’s Lenosky’s Twitter account.


Jeff Claims this video is what pretty much Started it all for him and it definitely started it for me. I find it a trip that we now work with Lenosky because between him and Leech setting the standards we all went out to try and at least manual like them.

Jeff sent me a shot of Jack his son wearing some fresh threads! My grandma actually knitted Jeff some custom green slippers to match his older pedals and insisted that I get them to him, they are epic in hardwood floored homes!



Anyways here is the video that Jeff claims started it all-


Lenosky’s personal edition pedal is soon to drop and if you have yet to see it they are the sexiest pedal we have produced to date!

24 Karat gold pins –plated of course- and matte black body!

Jeff Lenosky gold

Oh and this is a trade secret Lenosky will deny if you even ask him about it!

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