Monday, November 23, 2009

Seat Collars Ahoy!


So… first off a slight diss to the industry! WTF is up with all the collar sizes? Can’t we all get along and bring it down to two? Took us some time to figure out what to focus on but we are offering 4 sizes: 28.6/30.0/31.8/34.9 their weights are from 20 grams to 21.3grams. Then when we get time - soon… our seat post will arrive and your bike will thank you.


The seat collars utilize Straitline Components patent pending design where you turn a bolt and tighten it onto the frame holding the seat. Actually we did trick it out a bit and use a custom barrel nut and they look really sick for such a simple product.

Once you buy the collar the need to match up kicks in and you start thinking of Straitline before food.

FTP 2009 - 10 PRODUCT 013

Now you have to tie it all in with some sick pedals then get bored of that color and repeat the process all over again!

FTP 2009 - 10 PRODUCT 008

This we cannot help you with but if you play your cards right, who knows.

Evette003.jpg Evette003 image by butterflycouture

Anyone ever play on Bing? I just found a blog feature for maps and I found my Van but it wasn’t there earlier today when I was looking at our warehouse! I wonder how close they can really zoom in?

Map picture


Anonymous said...

You say a seat post eh? that would be sick any chance it might be out before spring?

Straitline Components said...

After all the years doing Straitline I have finally mastered the use of the term "no comment"!

I am always wrong with dates so we tend to release when it is ready, stuff always pops up and delays occur. It was to be ready with the seat collar but the chain device took more time then we thought as we are making all the molds in-

I would say next summer prior to the shows.

Anonymous said...

Thanks man I can't wait to see some pics of this beauty I can only imagine how clean it will look and how well it will work your stuff is top notch. Now if only you were going to bring out some sick mechanical brake levers cause your levers feel so good but no mech option.

Anonymous said...

It's too bad you're not doing a 31.6, most Trek MTBs use a 31.6 SP.

Straitline Components said...

31.8 and 31.6 are only 4 Thousanth of an inch in difference!~

Pete said...

Greg, that chick looks totally underage! haha

Straitline Components said...

hmmm never really thought about that lol. She is the only orange sweater girl I could find in google. Plus she is Norwegian- ishy they all look like that.

I'm sure you are the only one to think that being a sick bastard and all!

Sneeck said...

Hmm very nice seat collar and seatpost and soon to be released chainguide. Now go make some uber gnarly crankset that would put ashame to race face's milling skills. I'm pretty sure you guy's could do something simular but better.

Pete said...

"I swear, she said she was 18 man!"

Heh, 16 is legal over here bro. B)

Straitline Components said...

Cranks are a breeze, just one thing at a time!

Sneeck said...

I'll take that^ as a yes that Straitline will be making some supergnarly cranks soon? :D

Robi said...

Is there any chance you'll be making your seatpost collars with qiuck-release levers? I mean I LOVE your components but to pull out a hex wrench every time I want to drop/rise the seat??