Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Straitline is on twitter!

Man how many online societies will I have to join in the next 3 years? But twitter can be syndicated on the blog so now it is easy for me to do it.

Yes, we Twitter and yes you should follow us and peer into our minds.

Lets make it fun though!

4 links... one goes to the Twitter acount but 3 do not! One will make you smile, one may make you go kill yourself after, maybe one is a hidden passion you hide, one will erase all the previous bad things and make you giddy!

Choose wisley my friends!

LINK 1 Must be this one!

LINK 2 Are you sure?

LINK 3 May be illegal in 43 Countries!

LINK 4  No for real it is this one!

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