Wednesday, April 30, 2008

This is just straight up... the shit!

Last week freeride entertainment leaked a photo of Fabien dropping into a hopeless line in Morocco. Now they have released a teaser for all the non believers out there, super sick!

">Teaser vid NWD

Kurt Sorge scores 5th at Nissan Qashqai Challenge

Okay this shot was from Kurt in Kamloops weeks back it is hard to find any good coverage of the Nissan events at the moment but Kurt emailed us pumped on qualifying 5Th in such a rad event.
Dirt Magazine has posted some good coverage quoted as saying...

"Some of the other highlights of the day were Adam Hauck’s 720, Kurt Sorge’s superman to pendulum air, Alex Reveles’s Indian airs, and Tyler McCaul’s no footed can can x-ups."

"I am in Milan at the moment and just finished the first event of the Nissan Qashqai Series and I placed 5Th." "I will be on my way to Madrid, Munich, and London for the next 3 events of the series, so I will be back around the end of May. Alright thanks again, talk to you later.


Before Kurt took off for Europe we built him a rad set of of our Xray pedals for the tour...

I opened them up and put a slight dab of white grease inside the bushing to make the pedal rotation super slow for the big tricks Kurt likes to throw down, guaranteeing the pedals to be where he wants them on the landings.

Top 5 results:
2 Mischa Breitenstein KONA EUROPE SUI
4 Darren Pokoj FELT AUS

We are pretty stoked to have Both Sorge and Lenosky of the Giant Team on our pedals could not have asked for better guys to deal with.

Lenosky set up the Sram event at Sea otter and the event looks wicked and it seems everyone who raced wants to see the format at other events in the future. Sadly Jeff was stuck in Starbucks lineup and lost some time running back to his bike and Kyle Strait ended up rightfully stealing the win this time.

Lenosky battling Goss

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Kanye West's Custom Track Bike!

And no this is not another joke from us it's the real deal.

This may be a story that will bring a tear to your eyes... Competitors helping eachother out, shocking concept in the biking world of "we are number one"!

So Luke at Brooklyn Machine Works was working on a custom track bike for Kanye West designed to glow in the dark when taken on his up coming tour with N.E.R.D..

Brooklyn and Straitline and I both Sponsor ol' Anson Wellington and have become cozy!so we extended our help to over pimp Kanyes ride with some custom caps we made up wit hthe help of Ken of in austrailia.

But..... someone leaked the photos a little too early so what can you do, check them out before this ebcomes old news!

Kanye either digging the ride or pissed off about what we wrote on his caps. Unsure of what this face means.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

North Saanich bike park update!

Building in winter weather sucks but finally the sun has come out so it is go time. I took a few quick videos after we pushed the old park over and had a few extra truck loads of material dropped off by Gord Martman Excavating AKA raddest firm alive! Check it out.

Another vid...

And this is for all of those who desperatley pump their arms for a horn when the see a semi... dump truck porn.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sexy new stems and spacers are in!

Pretty stoked on the stems, they have zero machining lines and each one is a clone of the next. Sexy! If you are new to our design click here to learn about how it works.

I am learning a new camera and the light settings always give me darker shots than normal so here are some sunlight shots of the new brown. As soon as I got the hang of it the sun went away, so use your imagination and pretend the spacers look the same because they have the same luster and change colours in the light.

Spacers are new and will be available as seen in 3/6/12/25mm sets in all of our colours.

Inside Joke-
Anyone recognise this beach shot? If so email me the nearest airport information... possible smuggling about to happen.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

I'm not saying we piss excellence but...

"Greg, what's up man..
Thanks for the pedals, I grabbed the x-rays their sick everyone wants em'. Love the way they feel, with five ten shoes on your damb near clipped in...

This email just came in from Manny at BigRing Cyclery in Cali. Manny met us in Vegas last year and finally got his hands on a set for himself and some for the shop. Just thought it was worth posting since it shows how we have grown so much since starting 2 years ago one client at a time.

I guess the biggest compliment of all is people who have a potential warranty issue won't give them back, they just tough it out, it is kind of funny.

So we are under producing at the moment and caught off guard by the orders rolling in and new technology arriving but soon we will be caught up so thanks to everyone for their patience. New machines are almost ready to rock!

Click here to see all the new machines!

And here again is the CNC video! Our Mori Seiki NH4000 now has a 9 pallet cells and we are currently still machining the custom Tombstones, you can see the two tall stones in the video. Soon we will have 9 all custom made and have the machine working automated throughout the nights.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


K it ain't real but shockingly it takes people a while to figure it out! Last year our April Fools prank the iStem tapped into a niche market and we could have made some money!

If you are just staring at this shot going F*%#ing Sweet! Click these links or send me your visa info, your call! So we were looking at some forums and it seems some people just didn't get the straps as being fake. They are fake but the pedals are real and still available.

First we dropped it in Australia...
Farkin Australia


Whistler Mountainbike

But this year Brad at Spectrum Techwear slayed everyone with his freeride cape, but knowing brad he probably didn't know it was april fools and luckily dropped a retarded product on the 1st and saved face!