Monday, January 7, 2008

The new CNC machines arrive!!

Injection molding machine...Not CNC but new so why not show it off. Notice our illegal set up using a 5 tonn truck to drive a 18,000 lb machine with faded brakes through Vancouver. Safety first kids.

Worlds largest x-mas gift... New 10 pallet cell for our Mori Seiki NH 4000- It is the machine we use to make our product line.

Another safety lesson... Us and technicians doing it Egyptian style. A crane was suggested but why not hoist a 10,000 lb pallet cell from the rafters instead?
Cranes are for losers.

The pallet cell finally mated with the Mori, being programed by a technician. This is a mega machine, words cannot even explain it so I will get some shots and videos up soon of it in action.

It was too dark when this machine rolled up on a semi truck but this is our new Mori Seiki NL2000SY. It is basically a Top production CNC machine that will help us get into head sets, hubs and seat post as we grow.

The new Mori Lathe mated with its bar feeder ready to turn some parts. We Have a Citizen Cincom L20 Swiss machine but this is way bigger, designed for larger pieces and bar stock. So in stupid person talk as it lathes it can mill all at once and spit the finished product out as we pick our nose up stairs.

So that's a quick look into what has been happening around here and why we are so all over the place if you tried to email us. The guys have been in and out of training courses to learn their new fighter jets and the software that comes with them.

Guess we were supposed to play the biking game and show off new items instead we decided to make Straitline a semi automated firm with. Meaning as the machines work on their own, we can be up stairs designing new product.

All said in done 3/4 of a million in new semi automated CNC toys but oddly my computer still resembles an old Apple 2GS. What's up with that?

We will be dropping some kick ass new custom products when we get the machines dialed in!!
Super stoked for 08!



Top Notch Bikes said...

Sweet!! Go no Guys!!

BrooklynMachineWorks said...

Holy Hell, Dude.

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