Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving to all the Yankees!

I am betraying my own Country when I post this up, but I think it is unfair to keep lying to the world.

You guys want to know why us Canadians -Especially the WEST- Kick ass in any Big Mountain free ride event?

Because we shove cans of Kokanee up our birds asses!

It is what we do and how we achieve so much air. Screw RedBull, this is the feast of Champions the night of any event.

This is a rigourous and intense cross training technique, developed by our fore fathers of the north Shore.

I have outlined the program in order below:

Score Last Kokanee after cooking the bird:

Bring along personal trainer / motivator / saftey advisor:

Attend Luggage Cart Saftey Seminar:

Ignore Luggage Cart Saftey Seminar:

Strengthen legs by running like hell as team mates get caught:

Stretch muscles and loosen up in a Crack Dance:

Seek out Giant Kokanee for meditation and a place to digest Special Canadian diet

Wake up, make left over Sandwiches, Ride, Repeat!

Enjoy your Girly Man Thanksgiving America!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Simplicity of Straitline Pedals!

We designed the pedal to be user friendly and simple, so simple even a monkey could rebuild one. No Monkey at my disposal to back up my claims so I made this little video.

I call it - Paper Rock Scissors!

Batteries not included... or tools!

For a full video explaining what you can use around the house, even how to extract bushings click here: Full video!

Of course they get tested thuroughly so that we know what we offer to you is tough, here is a testing video for axle fatigue.

We built them simple and tough and they welcome impact. If you still need to be sold then watch a excavator slam our pedal after running over it.
John Deere vs Straitline - we won!

And Finally.. how do you maintain them video.

This last video is a home owners method of replacing the bushings in our pedal using what you have at hand. We suggest watching the maintenance videos above and use a proper press because you may damage the bushings if you press them in wrong.

So... as we claim in our marketing these pedals truly can be built up with just one tool. If you do choose this method go slow and be sure the bushing has started inside the pedal body in a up right position and begin.

Now Extraction!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Jeff Lenosky on Time Warp!!

The guys over at NSMB posted up a release from Jeff being showcased on TIME WARP

I've never even heard of this show but then again I have no cable, but I'm definitely going to check it out. Basically they are going to explain the pyhsics behind Jeff's Super Powers. But we already got exposed on that last April Fools Day!

Check out the release here:

Jeff will be riding his Custom JLO pedals during the event, check out this video I just posted of his pedals going in the machine for the last operation, tapping the threads.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


The plan!

I am so stupid even google told me how stupid I am. I lost my codes for blog and Google could not help me out as I lost the email i set it up on. Me smrt.

So I am back on track and live! For those not in the know, we have been working on a bike park for well over a year, planning scheming to open up a training facility that will be free for everyone to ride.

The pump tracks are just the beginning full pro jumps will be there and everything leading up to it, with fitness as the main focus.

Check it out, we intend to go big on this and we have full support from everyone we need to make it happen. We even landed a gas sponsorship from CO-OP gas stations to fuel our machines, machines that are all on loan from generous local firms. Too much to say so please keep an eye on the other blog and show some love!

Mini Teaser on the Sexy new stems!

We didn't have any money to make a fancy demo video like most of the companies out there. Instead we tried to make one with for our new Boxxer Stem designed for Drew Mitchell, Canada's National Downhill Champion, but as you can see it was more funny than anything else.

Drew Boxxer Promo Take One!!

The New Ultra Short Boxxer direct mount stem. at 28 mm solid 2 piece design 136 grams, designed to get your weight over the bars increasing front tire hook up and handling. As explained by Drew in the worst promo video to date!

So to save time on making another Promo video to show off the other stems, I decided to use Lady Boss in a fight sequence! If you look closley she and her Thugs are rocking the new 35 stem in blue with matching pedals! And hopefully near the end of this video you will have figured out that this blog is for fun!

Sexy 35 mm pinch clamp stem 167 grams 50mm version 185 grams

And the Sugar daddy that started it all, the Vertical Wedge Stem, clean and flawless with 888 compatibility. Here are some Kind words on this stem...
I was amazed at the precision of the machining on these stems. the guys from straitline will talk about there equipment all day if you let them. you can see why when you look at the detail that they are able to produce, and the amount of thought they have put in to their products.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

If you like Lazer Beams, then watch this

We hit these custom bar caps in two directions to get a funky textured look. Check it out and be amazed.

And if you are not impressed enough with that one... watch it in the dark.

If none of this impresses you then I'm sorry, you have no soul!
If you want to make some home made terror, this video shows you how to make a custom Lazer beam at home!! Thank me later.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Alan Hepburn busting trixs with Chris Sonoinen!

Sweet little video sent in from Alan adn Chris, as we enter winter they enter Spring in Australia so lots of stuff to come. Alan is rocking our new 35 mm Pinch clamp Stem in Ti Grey, and Green grippy as hell JLO pedals.

Check out Alan's MySpace for more vids and be sure to scroll his photo album!
Alan's Myspace

An Chris's MySpace

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Casey Groves sadly exposed....

I always wondered about Casey and what makes him Huck so huge almost ahead of his time, especially after seeing this photo of Casey taken by our web designer Jonathan of Spun Studios .

At first I thought it was the Hulk but after seeing this news flash posted up by the Transition boys.... I was Speechless! I was way off!

And the kid is a relentless vandal... or self promoter, as seen on this machine just south of Whistler. You should see what he did to front of it.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Lenosky @ Ray's Indoor

Jeff designed and built the course with Ray intending it to be relaxed and fun, but as Jeff said, once everyone showed up the compwetitive edge came out in everyone.

Lopes took the main event at Rays this weekend and Sicklines was on hand to document the race.

Event Coverage on

Lenosky making use of the course. And yes this is a very lazy blog, just go to Sicklines and check the whole event out.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Soldier Down!

This weekend was a sad one as we lost an loyal employee!

R.I.P. Bella Paulson!

Bella passed away Halloween night attempting a game of leap frog. It happened fast and painless but it is still sad to loose a good pet.

She will be missed and Dennis will miss picking up the torn garbage bags when he gets home! Good dogs are hard to find!

We know him!

POD BIATCH! looks like photo shop though
U becoming a super star after taking the cover of the magazine? Looked sick!


hahaha super star , a very poor one at that.

We had a big dirt jam at the Australia nationals the past weekend which was cool had a big crowd watching the whole time cause the jumps were right next to the village. Even had some kids come up to me wanting me to sign the cover of there magazines haha it was rad. heres a webvideo a mate of mine is doing he is a really good filmer and editor, so gonna try get a good part for that.

heres some pics from the jams during the nationals. EDITORS NOTE---- I can't get these to load, enjoy below.----