Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mini Teaser on the Sexy new stems!

We didn't have any money to make a fancy demo video like most of the companies out there. Instead we tried to make one with for our new Boxxer Stem designed for Drew Mitchell, Canada's National Downhill Champion, but as you can see it was more funny than anything else.

Drew Boxxer Promo Take One!!

The New Ultra Short Boxxer direct mount stem. at 28 mm solid 2 piece design 136 grams, designed to get your weight over the bars increasing front tire hook up and handling. As explained by Drew in the worst promo video to date!

So to save time on making another Promo video to show off the other stems, I decided to use Lady Boss in a fight sequence! If you look closley she and her Thugs are rocking the new 35 stem in blue with matching pedals! And hopefully near the end of this video you will have figured out that this blog is for fun!

Sexy 35 mm pinch clamp stem 167 grams 50mm version 185 grams

And the Sugar daddy that started it all, the Vertical Wedge Stem, clean and flawless with 888 compatibility. Here are some Kind words on this stem...
I was amazed at the precision of the machining on these stems. the guys from straitline will talk about there equipment all day if you let them. you can see why when you look at the detail that they are able to produce, and the amount of thought they have put in to their products.

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Devon Balet said...

your stuff is totally sick. the details are awsome! made in canada eh?!