Tuesday, November 18, 2008


The plan!

I am so stupid even google told me how stupid I am. I lost my codes for www.freeridebc.com blog and Google could not help me out as I lost the email i set it up on. Me smrt.

So I am back on track and live! For those not in the know, we have been working on a bike park for well over a year, planning scheming to open up a training facility that will be free for everyone to ride.

The pump tracks are just the beginning full pro jumps will be there and everything leading up to it, with fitness as the main focus.

Check it out, www.freeridebc.com we intend to go big on this and we have full support from everyone we need to make it happen. We even landed a gas sponsorship from CO-OP gas stations to fuel our machines, machines that are all on loan from generous local firms. Too much to say so please keep an eye on the other blog www.freeridebc.com and show some love!

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