Tuesday, June 28, 2011

World Records

From Pinkbike.com

ODI brought Mike Montgomery up to shred Mammoth Mountain before opening weekend on June 20th. ODI and Mike met up with the big dogs at Mammoth and gave input on what they feel needs to be added to the Mammoth Bike Park. Mammoth has 2-3 times the amount of budget this year and is looking to make a top notch bike park within the next few years. In the process Mike and ODI set up some future plans with Mammoth...watch Mike shred and talk about what plans he has coming later this year at Mammoth!


Friday, June 24, 2011

Montgomery, McCaul, Seminuk on gyro’s!~

So I hear the weather sucks ***** at the Claymore challenge and it may be as late as this Sunday that they can compete, maybe even at night with lights, what ever it takes to beat out this weather.
Good news is they have time to jam in the indoor park and hit the foam pits and resi ramps while they wait it out.
Mike and Cam both have their Straitline Gryros installed and Seminuk just put his on a few days ago so we have 3 top guns helping us refine the system.
Mike Montgomery took a strong second, as well as best trick honors, with this prototype Straitline hydraulic gyro installed on the front of his Banshee. Expect to see a few other riders, including Cam McCaul, Brandon Semenuk and Casey Groves, rocking one of these at some of the upcoming events.
The first proto is great and we will make a secondary proto with apposing technology inside and see which one we wish to refine after the contest season wraps up.
All three (and soon Casey Groves once he gets his forks in) will be our feedback team and hitting all the comps with the Gryo installed, then off to production for the masses.
Check out the VITAL video update and watch the guys spin and flip… if you watch closely, Mike sever a testical on the backflip Superman to semi no footer landing.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Grommits everywhere!


After hosting the Jumpship festival in our back yard a few weeks back, word has gotten out that Mike Montgomery left on of his signature custom AMPS in the office.

Mike was so engorged with his Dairy Queen he forgot to take his AMP with him, and he left his garbage on my desk too.


Now kids keep riding by on their way to the local Freeride park (we helped build) around the corner. By the droves they ride through the parking lot to ask for stickers then they quickly ask to hold the frame behind my desk.GROMMITS 001

These two are beyond stoked now that they know this bike may be built up and given away at Krankworxs with Straitline and all of Mikes sponsors onboard.

Odds of winning? 1:? or a brick through my window.

Straitline’s team Lama at Monte Sainte Anne!


Nothing like a race team that doubles up as your Canadian Distributor and this is exactly what Lama is for us!  More proactive distributors the merrier, especially ones with you at trackside!

Words From Justin:Hello hello!
Well we just got back from a very, very very manly course in beautiful Mont Sainte Anne, Quebec. The tracked changed and we raced the mountain from top to bottom, averaging 35km/h and topping off at around 55km/h in the fast "rock&roll" section under the gondolas. It's the longest track I've ever ridden....ever! It's basically the same track as last year's world champs, just so you get the picture!
We've put together a short race report for you to take a look at and read up on the Lama Cycles DH team.


cheers and thanks


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Freakin Bike Checks!

Check out my new bikes for the season!

Banshee Rampant!


Banshee Legend!


Friday, June 17, 2011

Straitlines New Gyro

Super quick Gryo update…

I picked Mike up at the ferries a few months ago when he was up here designing the new Krankworxs course and we had little meeting of the minds.

edgefactor MIKE 399

Its a simple system that allows your bars to spin infinitely reducing the need to elongate the brake cables and to unspin the bars back to zero if in competition.

Over the countless emails and conference calls we produced a perfect Gryo just in time for Mikes and the Jumpship Event.

edgefactor MIKE 403

We also had Cam McCaul help us develop this system and we made it to take a beating and not leak any fluid, with the main goal of having the rider not even know it is on the bike when you pull the brake.

edgefactor MIKE 424 edgefactor MIKE 437

We succeeded and he ran his prototype during the Jumpship event and went through 1 frame and a fork, it’s nice to be sponsored!

edgefactor MIKE 460

So this weekend Cam McCual will be riding in 26 trix in Austria and Brandon Seminuk will compete against cam and Mike at the Claymore Challenge.

edgefactor MIKE 428

Not Much info is released at the moment, we are refining the prototype and working with Frame manufacturers to make the head tubes compliant. Do not expect this to be a pros only product, anyone with a single crown can ride it… no more 6ft of lines, throw on a gyro. 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Jump Ship - Pictures

Greg at Straitline emailed me a bunch of pictures from Jump Ship. I went through them and pick out my favorites.

Flair from the small quarter to the step down landing.

540 from the small quarter to the landing of the step down.

Back flip tail whip in my final run.

Extended no foot can can.

Superman ...

I will be pretty busy until the start of Camp of Champions. I have my sister's wedding, some filming and the Claymore Challenge. Then I get to drive me and my bikes north to Whistler for Camp of Champions and Crankworx, I hope to see you all there.


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Straitline @ Jump Ship 2011

There was a full crew of Straitline riders at the first Jump Ship. Mike Montgomery flew up from San Diego to help test the first Straitline Hydro Gyro, film for a TV show, win best trick and come second in a close battle with Brandon Semenuk. Jack Fogelquist made the drive up from Scotts Valley, Eric Lawrenuk and Casey Groves hopped the ferry over from the main land and even Alan Hepburn took a break from his busy rollerblading vert career to ride some bikes.

A trick Alan picked up over the winter (his summer).

Camp of Champions
was on hand with their Air Bag and there was a 20 minute wait for riders of all ages and skill levels to session the bag. It was great to see the progression of the riders over the weekend and it was great to see how many youngsters wanted signatures from the riders who were lining up to ride with them.

Mike flips his bike on dirt (above) and he flips Aaron's road bike onto the bag (below).

The complete Straitline staff was on hand for the event and looked to be enjoying the show. Straitline's all around genius Dennis Paulson even managed to injure himself while learning to back flip into the air bag. Eric Lawrenuk also went down in qualifying and separated his shoulder again. I wish them both a speedy recover so we can get some Straitline A-Line Trains going this summer.

Dennis working on his back flip, put himself out of commission for a couple weeks.

Enough talk, enjoy the pictures and for more Jump Ship news see below ...

Mike wins best trick with a 720 ...

A lot of people came out to see the final.

Separated shoulder, hope Eric is back on his bike soon.

Mike and Casey on the podium.

Casey signing autographs while waiting to hit the air bag.

Mike training for a bike to bike transfer ...

While leaving the venue there was a lot of talk about next year, let's hope this becomes an annual event.

Keep Riding,

Rob Dunnet

P.S. when someone asks you "Do you want to put this gorilla suit on and hit the air bag?" the answer should always be yes!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Jump Ship 2011

Just finished up a sushi dinner in downtown Victoria after placing second in the first Jump Ship. With the wind blowing on my final run I was lucky to be able to pull off my run. I 360'd the drop in, did a superman on the first jump and then a backflip-whip. Landed pretty far down the landing and lost most of my speed, 360'd the next jump and then whipped the small quarter.

Have some more filming to do and then I am back home for a couple of days before some more travel.

Check out the Jump Ship coverage on Cheknews, watch until the end for best trick results ...


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Straitline featured on Edgefactor

Staritline is soon to be featured on the EdgeFactor show, a cutting edge how they do it type of show but they focus on cool stuff.

I was put on film for about a nano second to greet Jeremy, it is a Oscar worthy performance with words like sweet, cool, what’s up, all in 10 seconds of filming.

Check it out at www.edgefactor.com in 3 months…!! Mike Montgomery is in town tomorrow at 1pm to film segment and Casey Groves is in on Thursday, then the both will compete at the local Jumpship event this weekend www.jumpshipcontest.com be there!

edgefactor 004

edgefactor 001

Monday, June 6, 2011

Jumpship this weekend in the harbor of Victoria!

First off FaceBook the hell out of this please!


Second off, if that is even a word, I was out building the booter ramps with Jordie and Laroque last Thursday with power tools and beer!


This weekend totally for free is Jumpship, where a massive 180ft barge loaded with jumps floats into town and the worlds top freestyle riders will compete for 1st place.


The Camp of Champions air bag will be on site and totally for free to ride, so you better show up and hit it.


Straitline also has a tv crew from www.edgefactor.com  in town to capture our robotic cnc in action then film Casey Groves and Mike Montgomery fro ma Helicopter as thy battle it out.  So show your support and come on out, face book the hell out of this please!

So, Mike also just took the TEVA games and is the man to beat so its going to go off!


Here is the official release for Jumpship:

Things are shaping up for this weekends first ever Jumpship Dirt Jump Invitational in beautiful downtown Victoria, BC. The world's elite slope riders will ride a floating course built upon a 180 foot barge. Tomorrow our barge moves into place for construction of the course and we'll keep you in the loop as it comes together. Get to Victoria this weekend to witness the FMB elite go head to head. Jumpship is a free event and brought to you by the Dockside Mountain Bike Society.
Here is Jump Ship's rider list:
1: Brandon Semenuk 
2: Tyler Maccaul 
3: Eric Lawrenuk 
4: Geoff Gullevich 
5: Sam Dueck 
6: Mitch Chuby 
7: Anthony Messere 
8: Jamie Goldman 
9: Casey Groves 
10: Andrew Taylor 
11: Graham Aggasiz 
12: Luke Fulton 
13: Jarrett Moore 
14: Christian Wright 
15: Jack Fogelquist 
16: Mike Montgomery 
17: Kurt Sorge 
18: Reece Wallace 
19: Evan Mccurrie 
20: Justin Wyper 
21: Scott Grant 
22: Jordie Lunn 
23: Mark Matthews
For more details on Jump Ship check out www.JumpShipContest.com or for most up to date news check out our facebook page at facebook.com/jumpshipcontest

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Andi Wittmann in Click it 2!

Straitline’s Andi Wittmann  always stokes me out, his videos are always fresh and fun and he updates us regularly!

Check his Clicked 2 video, some big moto booters inside.

He has been hyping me up about Nine Knights for ever and it’s going down on August 21st… tempted to roll over early for Eurobike and see this thing live.


And for the 34th time I am going to show this again because it is simply an epic video of Andi.

FRAMED-Andi Wittmann Rider profile from Felix Urbauer on Vimeo.