Friday, June 17, 2011

Straitlines New Gyro

Super quick Gryo update…

I picked Mike up at the ferries a few months ago when he was up here designing the new Krankworxs course and we had little meeting of the minds.

edgefactor MIKE 399

Its a simple system that allows your bars to spin infinitely reducing the need to elongate the brake cables and to unspin the bars back to zero if in competition.

Over the countless emails and conference calls we produced a perfect Gryo just in time for Mikes and the Jumpship Event.

edgefactor MIKE 403

We also had Cam McCaul help us develop this system and we made it to take a beating and not leak any fluid, with the main goal of having the rider not even know it is on the bike when you pull the brake.

edgefactor MIKE 424 edgefactor MIKE 437

We succeeded and he ran his prototype during the Jumpship event and went through 1 frame and a fork, it’s nice to be sponsored!

edgefactor MIKE 460

So this weekend Cam McCual will be riding in 26 trix in Austria and Brandon Seminuk will compete against cam and Mike at the Claymore Challenge.

edgefactor MIKE 428

Not Much info is released at the moment, we are refining the prototype and working with Frame manufacturers to make the head tubes compliant. Do not expect this to be a pros only product, anyone with a single crown can ride it… no more 6ft of lines, throw on a gyro. 

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