Thursday, June 23, 2011

Straitline’s team Lama at Monte Sainte Anne!


Nothing like a race team that doubles up as your Canadian Distributor and this is exactly what Lama is for us!  More proactive distributors the merrier, especially ones with you at trackside!

Words From Justin:Hello hello!
Well we just got back from a very, very very manly course in beautiful Mont Sainte Anne, Quebec. The tracked changed and we raced the mountain from top to bottom, averaging 35km/h and topping off at around 55km/h in the fast "rock&roll" section under the gondolas. It's the longest track I've ever ridden....ever! It's basically the same track as last year's world champs, just so you get the picture!
We've put together a short race report for you to take a look at and read up on the Lama Cycles DH team.
cheers and thanks


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