Thursday, June 23, 2011

Grommits everywhere!


After hosting the Jumpship festival in our back yard a few weeks back, word has gotten out that Mike Montgomery left on of his signature custom AMPS in the office.

Mike was so engorged with his Dairy Queen he forgot to take his AMP with him, and he left his garbage on my desk too.


Now kids keep riding by on their way to the local Freeride park (we helped build) around the corner. By the droves they ride through the parking lot to ask for stickers then they quickly ask to hold the frame behind my desk.GROMMITS 001

These two are beyond stoked now that they know this bike may be built up and given away at Krankworxs with Straitline and all of Mikes sponsors onboard.

Odds of winning? 1:? or a brick through my window.

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