Friday, July 31, 2009

New Website updates coming!

From day one we promised not to let the website fall behind… but we are liars and have done just that!  So much needs to updated we promise to do it soon and hope that you keep an eye on this blog for anything new.


Yes this is the worlds pointless place to go in your busy day but where else can you get a laugh and at the same time information… information that could make a boring road trip or flight all that more tolerable.


Keep your eyes peeled and give us feedback at anytime and thanks for all the support!!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bike Check with Ben Cathro!

MTBCUT Team member Ben Cathro did a quick bike check while covering the Monte Saint Anne this past weekend.



Ben rides a custom set up we developed for the entire MTBCUT team complete with one off Xray pink Boxxer stems/ pedals/ end caps.


Slick lines… I must admit we made a nice stem and yes I am bias but look at it!


Check out the full coverage over on PINKBIKE and look at the love hate relation us men have with running pink, the comments are quite funny!


08.14.09  is the date Aaron Larocque will drop his first feature film to be released Globally for FREE!



We have been working on a release of this video for months and have landed a sick ass location, time and host!  This video features mostly all local talent with our riders Casey Groves / Dustin Greenhall / Mark Mathews and Alan Hepburn so get your but up to Whistler for Krankworks and keep your eyes peeled… more info soon!

Aaron Larocque actually swung by our warehouse yesterday with his girlfriend to pimp out his new ride, perfect timing  to post up his new video and some mayhem because 5pm is play time at Straitline! Usually Dennis has schemed up a new bomb or Cannon and we count the hours down until we can try it out!

Today was Liquid nitrogen Cannon!

This time Dennis made his cannon by using liquid nitrogen placed into a 2 liter bottle that has been shoved down a thick tube to lessen the shock wave! It had some quirks, the gas never expanded like we hoped it would and we were left with a live shell no one wanted to go near… except for Dennis.but overall we are quite happy with the end results and promise to improve the technique.

Only lesson we learnt here is we need to put more nitrogen in the bottle. I cannot explain how bad we want to do this again the percussion wave set off alarms blocks down the road!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Kelowna Red Bull trip

Hey its Dustn Greenall here, Well I came to Kelowna to shoot some photos with Red Bull and Casey Groves just to get stoked get some sweet sunset photos and chill on the beach in the 40 degree weather watching Kelowna burn down.

Dustin Greenall

Pretty stoked all in all on getting to ride the new wooden kicker we built thanks to dirty dave at Red Bull for helping us with the wood. But we got some banger shots and i thought i would post some from our little red bull shoot

Casey Groves

Mark Matthews came out to ride after riding Silver Star on the weekend

Dustin Greenall

Casey Groves
Thanks to Stirling Grassick for coming out and chilling like the bro he is and even though he cant ride yet taking photos for us.
Hope you all enjoy

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I fell into a wormhole!

I don’t know where the last ten days went but a lot has happened and almost too much to blog!


Team Pinkbikes Kyle Marshall took the Canadian Nationals Junior with our platform pedals underfoot. His time put him 2nd overall if he was in the Pro’s! And last weekend in his first WorldCup race qualified a respectable 74th!


Team Lama Cycles took second place with the finesse of Simon Garstin at the Canadian Nationals…


morewood lama 004

And in Lama Cycles Race team slayed it at Monte Saint Anne! Check out their site for news….


Big shout out to MTBcut/Cyclejersey rider Ben Cathro for hitting a great final run to squeeze into the top 20!  Team MTBCUT runs a full custom set up by Straitline, stoked to see him finish top 20!


Anyone find the UCI site to be impossible to navigate? I am still searching for results…

Friday, July 17, 2009

Sicklines builds a dream bike!

The guys over at Sicklines built up a epic ride…


No idea on the MSRP of this bike but lets guess 8g’s and up!


They had some cool things to say on this build and chose our pedals as their weapon of choice!


“Straitline sent over some of these nickel pedals for us to try out. They’re gorgeous to say the least in the beginning but after some use they became a bit faded as mud/grime etched into the nickel finish. We were able to re-shine it up a bit with some polish but I suspect if they do offer this finish in the coming year the nickel process would be refined a little bit to keep its shine and finish better. The pedals proved reliable and remain some of our favorite pedals to date. They use bushings instead of bearings, but are very easy to service and are built to last. They are strong pedals and keep going strong even after the hardest of impacts. In the weight department they are a bit heavy compared to other offerings but the reliability and strength help negate that.”

 Check out this bike over at their site WWW.SICKLINES.COM


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pinkbike Custom Pedals!!

So if you riding a set of our custom Electrolysis Nickel Plated Pedals complete with custom etched Pinkbike Graphics, odds are you are a thief on a stolen bike!



We made these pedals just for Pinkbike and their race team, so if they are under your foot where did you dump the body? They are not yours!  We of course made a few extras and feathered them out minus the logo to VIP’s but these will not be available for the public!


There are way better shots up on PINKBIKE HERE  they look pretty sick actually but ease up on the emails they aren’t for sale…yet!


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Camp of Champions in Whistler!

We have been involved with Camp of Champions since pretty much their first Season opening their bike camps. I spend more time on Skype laughing then I do getting anything done business wise with these guys, just take a look above at this years t-shirt design!

Stare into his eyes!


Then get on the Van to Whistler!


We are involved with the camp for one reason… an excuse to go to whistler more often! If I had a second reason it would be because it is just all about fun and riding a bike. No attitude or lame attempt to push a coolness factor, everyone is just hanging out with no agenda but to ride.

 COC PARTY09 105

Eric Peterson, the man behind our April fool prank videos now hangs with camp all summer capturing the vibe, take a look.

Bonus factor to camp is that our factory riders, Casey Groves –Transition Bikes- and Alan Hepburn- Banshee Bikes are coaches alongside head coach Gareth Dyer so the kids get to watch pro slope style riders in the air dome and on the trails with them.


But it isn’t just for kids… If you look at the size of their ski and snowboard camps you get the idea of where the bike division is going, and if you are attending Crankworks this year it is going to be hard to miss COC and Straitline because we got something brewing…

Count how many time Ken says Adult week of Camp of Champions in that video… lol.

Monday, July 13, 2009

50 mm Boxxer shots and the sales pitch!


The New 50mm Boxxer is a design we made for those craving the longer cockpit. Almost the opposite of the moto inspired 28 mm Ultra this stem gets you a little lower on the front.


Your bars will be absolutely flush with the forks crown and for those wanting to go lower… get back into flat bars, I found you some online!



The 50 weighs in with all 8 fasteners at 140 grams! All the fasteners are high tensile 6 mm bolts with custom coned heads for weight savings plus we roll form all threads meaning they are 25% stronger than conventional tapping.


Do not want to over sell this stem, it is what it is, done in our style finish and remember that you MUST tighten the top two bolts first then the lower two bolts of this stem! It gives the stem a gap free flowy look and ensures that your bars will be clamped evenly leaving a small gap underside!

Get one that matches your bikes build scheme, watch this video I found on Decline Magazines site and go ride with it in your head!

Sales pitch over!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


These two punks are chummy now but this weekend they will fight to the death for a chance to win a spot in Kokanee Crankworxs Slopestyle!


Casey Groves is actually there building the course with Dustin Greenhall as we speak and Alan Hepburn is warming up in Kamloops BC, on his way to the GOATSTYLE!

So winner takes all event, the big prize is a guaranteed spot in the Slopestyle with the whole world watching. Last Year Casey won the VW best trick award and over rotated a massive 360 step down scaring the crowd as he laid limp getting his bearings back. But then he got up, true story!

 casey hulk


Our view from last years Crankworxs




But check out this Goatstyle Course, it seems like this Event will become the place to be from here on out! Best of luck to everyone!




Check out the update HERE!

Team Pinkbike / Devinci at the Canada Cup Bromont

Well last night I picked up one bruised Andrew Mitchell from the ferry after he flew back from Quebec to see a bone specialist for his foot!  Andrew –Devinci Straitline, Mitch Delfs of Morewood, and Sam Hill were the last three to drop in and it was muddy and slick by the looks of it. Andrew made no excuses, he just slipped up and ping ponged down the course ending with a busted bone in his foot so he’s out for a week tops.


Why do race plates always block our money shot on bikes?  Andrew chose the 50mm boxxer set up for this race and opted for clips- which we do not make yet- to set the pace for Hill and Delfs.

Kyle Marshall of Team Pinkbike Devinci rode our flats in the muck finishing 12th when I would have finished last in that mud.


Yes that is Andrew in the background peeing in public by the looks of it.

Pinkbike posted up the full race report from Devinci, take a look at the conditions these guys have to pin it in!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Casey snags VOD on Pinkbike


Casey snags the coveted VOD again on Pinkbike



Quick mix I think this went VOD while back... first time I have seen it though!


Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy Yankee Day Yankees!

Well tomorrow is the big 4th of July to celebrate Americas birthday and as their friendly neighbors to the North I am pressured to care and say have fun! 

lets make this quick! So with no further ado…



Now lets talk about CANADA! 


Our Military may be a bit of a joke to you!



But we know how to party and that's what matters the most!


Adopted Canadian Alan Hepburn and BC grown Casey Groves are calling on all Mexicans to surround the Yankees and defend our borders with a line of parties!


I’m talking out of my ass right now, but the Americans do owe us Canadians a apology for buying up Whistler and for promoting Bud Light with a straight face!


Cheers Yankees!

Straitline In Norway!!

Our distributor Veronica of GravityRide in Norway just sent me a video of her riding with friends in Are Sweden! 

I have been meaning to blog all the shots for ever so take a seat, there are a few….

Meet Veronica! 



She’s in the front….

Winter there is long but who cares look at the terrain to play in.

You can mix up the winter blues…


Catch a tan…


Then the Spring rolls into Norway and game on for most trails!







For a country who is as diverse as its infamous exports of Death metal and ABBA the riding is right up there.


I so want to do a business trip to Norway! Check out Veronicas blog!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Casey Groves testing the slopestyle course!

I just got back from Whistler and hanging out with Camp of Champions where Casey Groves is a coach along with our Aussy phenom Alan Hepburn!


The camp is sick, there is no point hyping it up with words but when you get there they have a 40 ft half pipe inside a tent with Redbull providing the beats on the outside it is over the top. 

whistler camp 036

whistler camp 010


Eric Peterson of Faultline Media is now the Camps videographer, you may know of him from our last April fools prank, the epic classic “Bear Bells” video.


Eric sent us this snippet of Casey Previewing the upper course of the 09 krankworks course.


It is BIGGGG this year!