Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pinkbike Custom Pedals!!

So if you riding a set of our custom Electrolysis Nickel Plated Pedals complete with custom etched Pinkbike Graphics, odds are you are a thief on a stolen bike!



We made these pedals just for Pinkbike and their race team, so if they are under your foot where did you dump the body? They are not yours!  We of course made a few extras and feathered them out minus the logo to VIP’s but these will not be available for the public!


There are way better shots up on PINKBIKE HERE  they look pretty sick actually but ease up on the emails they aren’t for sale…yet!



Josh said...

How much would it cost for you guys to do a set of gold plated? ;)

Straitline Components said...

Ummm we have yet to do a gold palted one but last year I wanted to do one just for kicks. It would not cost too much but it will never make production at $50 plus per pedal upgrade.

It sounds cool but would be a pain and weigh more too, those nickle pedasl are a gram more!

Pete said...

Actually, you should just be able to use the same titanium nitride coating method that KMC use for their chains to produce a nice, shiny gold finish to the pedals. At the same weight gain as your nickel plated pedals. And most importantly, for less cost than gold plating.

How about a video of one of your pedals being electrolessly plated? Or even plated with the help of electricity. Anodizing?

By the way, how come you don't make the titanium axles for your pedals any more? That'd be a sick upgrade to the best pedal out! And more weight weenie friendly. :P

Straitline Components said...

Hey Pete, no I meant real gold like a true pimp!

No video of the plating it is outsourced to local firms along with our anodising.

We'd probably play with titanium nitriding to get a gold look on our pins and if we do a pedal it will be real gold just for kicks.

Ti axles... everyone wants them but we are not going to offer them on this design, because no one wants to pay the price! The market price on the ti keeps fluctuating but we use titanium almost daily for other jobs we do here in our factory.

Straitline Components said...

copy paste this video... we make gps relocators for the shuttles rocket boosters, I know wow!

We use special titanium all the time but the clients pay well all of us bikers are not too keen on ti pricing!!

Pete said...

Too cool for fake gold eh? :)

Gold pins would be pretty damn sick. You could offer your aftermarket pins in some sick colours! (I'll take 50!)

Twenty6 are still in business. So someone's gotta be paying the price for Ti hardware. And a damn high price too! Even for me their prices are out of the question.

I knew you did/still do a few other pretty damn important things. Like diving equipment was one. It's pretty impressive. Like Clark Kent by day. Superman by night!