Monday, July 13, 2009

50 mm Boxxer shots and the sales pitch!


The New 50mm Boxxer is a design we made for those craving the longer cockpit. Almost the opposite of the moto inspired 28 mm Ultra this stem gets you a little lower on the front.


Your bars will be absolutely flush with the forks crown and for those wanting to go lower… get back into flat bars, I found you some online!



The 50 weighs in with all 8 fasteners at 140 grams! All the fasteners are high tensile 6 mm bolts with custom coned heads for weight savings plus we roll form all threads meaning they are 25% stronger than conventional tapping.


Do not want to over sell this stem, it is what it is, done in our style finish and remember that you MUST tighten the top two bolts first then the lower two bolts of this stem! It gives the stem a gap free flowy look and ensures that your bars will be clamped evenly leaving a small gap underside!

Get one that matches your bikes build scheme, watch this video I found on Decline Magazines site and go ride with it in your head!

Sales pitch over!

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