Wednesday, July 8, 2009


These two punks are chummy now but this weekend they will fight to the death for a chance to win a spot in Kokanee Crankworxs Slopestyle!


Casey Groves is actually there building the course with Dustin Greenhall as we speak and Alan Hepburn is warming up in Kamloops BC, on his way to the GOATSTYLE!

So winner takes all event, the big prize is a guaranteed spot in the Slopestyle with the whole world watching. Last Year Casey won the VW best trick award and over rotated a massive 360 step down scaring the crowd as he laid limp getting his bearings back. But then he got up, true story!

 casey hulk


Our view from last years Crankworxs




But check out this Goatstyle Course, it seems like this Event will become the place to be from here on out! Best of luck to everyone!




Check out the update HERE!

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