Thursday, July 30, 2009


08.14.09  is the date Aaron Larocque will drop his first feature film to be released Globally for FREE!



We have been working on a release of this video for months and have landed a sick ass location, time and host!  This video features mostly all local talent with our riders Casey Groves / Dustin Greenhall / Mark Mathews and Alan Hepburn so get your but up to Whistler for Krankworks and keep your eyes peeled… more info soon!

Aaron Larocque actually swung by our warehouse yesterday with his girlfriend to pimp out his new ride, perfect timing  to post up his new video and some mayhem because 5pm is play time at Straitline! Usually Dennis has schemed up a new bomb or Cannon and we count the hours down until we can try it out!

Today was Liquid nitrogen Cannon!

This time Dennis made his cannon by using liquid nitrogen placed into a 2 liter bottle that has been shoved down a thick tube to lessen the shock wave! It had some quirks, the gas never expanded like we hoped it would and we were left with a live shell no one wanted to go near… except for Dennis.but overall we are quite happy with the end results and promise to improve the technique.

Only lesson we learnt here is we need to put more nitrogen in the bottle. I cannot explain how bad we want to do this again the percussion wave set off alarms blocks down the road!

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