Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Camp of Champions in Whistler!

We have been involved with Camp of Champions since pretty much their first Season opening their bike camps. I spend more time on Skype laughing then I do getting anything done business wise with these guys, just take a look above at this years t-shirt design!

Stare into his eyes!


Then get on the Van to Whistler!


We are involved with the camp for one reason… an excuse to go to whistler more often! If I had a second reason it would be because it is just all about fun and riding a bike. No attitude or lame attempt to push a coolness factor, everyone is just hanging out with no agenda but to ride.

 COC PARTY09 105

Eric Peterson, the man behind our April fool prank videos now hangs with camp all summer capturing the vibe, take a look.

Bonus factor to camp is that our factory riders, Casey Groves –Transition Bikes- and Alan Hepburn- Banshee Bikes are coaches alongside head coach Gareth Dyer so the kids get to watch pro slope style riders in the air dome and on the trails with them.


But it isn’t just for kids… If you look at the size of their ski and snowboard camps you get the idea of where the bike division is going, and if you are attending Crankworks this year it is going to be hard to miss COC and Straitline because we got something brewing…

Count how many time Ken says Adult week of Camp of Champions in that video… lol.

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