Friday, July 17, 2009

Sicklines builds a dream bike!

The guys over at Sicklines built up a epic ride…


No idea on the MSRP of this bike but lets guess 8g’s and up!


They had some cool things to say on this build and chose our pedals as their weapon of choice!


“Straitline sent over some of these nickel pedals for us to try out. They’re gorgeous to say the least in the beginning but after some use they became a bit faded as mud/grime etched into the nickel finish. We were able to re-shine it up a bit with some polish but I suspect if they do offer this finish in the coming year the nickel process would be refined a little bit to keep its shine and finish better. The pedals proved reliable and remain some of our favorite pedals to date. They use bushings instead of bearings, but are very easy to service and are built to last. They are strong pedals and keep going strong even after the hardest of impacts. In the weight department they are a bit heavy compared to other offerings but the reliability and strength help negate that.”

 Check out this bike over at their site WWW.SICKLINES.COM


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