Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I fell into a wormhole!

I don’t know where the last ten days went but a lot has happened and almost too much to blog!


Team Pinkbikes Kyle Marshall took the Canadian Nationals Junior with our platform pedals underfoot. His time put him 2nd overall if he was in the Pro’s! And last weekend in his first WorldCup race qualified a respectable 74th!


Team Lama Cycles took second place with the finesse of Simon Garstin at the Canadian Nationals…


morewood lama 004

And in Lama Cycles Race team slayed it at Monte Saint Anne! Check out their site for news….


Big shout out to MTBcut/Cyclejersey rider Ben Cathro for hitting a great final run to squeeze into the top 20!  Team MTBCUT runs a full custom set up by Straitline, stoked to see him finish top 20!


Anyone find the UCI site to be impossible to navigate? I am still searching for results…

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