Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy Yankee Day Yankees!

Well tomorrow is the big 4th of July to celebrate Americas birthday and as their friendly neighbors to the North I am pressured to care and say have fun! 

lets make this quick! So with no further ado…



Now lets talk about CANADA! 


Our Military may be a bit of a joke to you!



But we know how to party and that's what matters the most!


Adopted Canadian Alan Hepburn and BC grown Casey Groves are calling on all Mexicans to surround the Yankees and defend our borders with a line of parties!


I’m talking out of my ass right now, but the Americans do owe us Canadians a apology for buying up Whistler and for promoting Bud Light with a straight face!


Cheers Yankees!

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Anonymous said...

Happy yankee day blog-post but no canada day blogpost last wednesday? The only excuse I'll accept was you were too drunk to use a computer!