Friday, February 26, 2010

Some weekend vids for you to watch!

This video is sick.


From Parker to Travis Barker.

This next video has no rhyme or reason but makes me laugh at donkeys.

Same with this one but these are cows.


I cannot believe they beat me to it!


Pastrana Tricycle speed trials.

Have a rad weekend, enjoy this Bubba clip.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tamas Forde’s new film Brighter!

This is old news to some but Tamas has come out with a sick little film he calls Brighter.

Straitline Factory rider Casey Groves has a segment in it, check out the teaser!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Aaron Laroque product vid!


Well I’m off to catch a flight to Minnesota where it is –11 armed only with a light stylish jacket, bike gloves, one toque that matches my open toe air cast and anti traction crutches!  Why because I am a man and the cold is good for you. And I need to attend a small bike show.


So check out this Banshee Amp video the Aaron did for the AMP starring local Mark Mathews, the kid goes pretty big!


2010 Banshee Amp from Aaron Larocque on Vimeo.


Also take some time to watch this video he did on a recent trip to Thailand, great job of capturing the vibe there, most of it was shot in hectic Bangkok and Hua hin, south of the city on the coast.

I have been to Thailand ages ago and I loved Bankcock and a funny story about Hau Hin where the King has a residential palace at the south end of the city. I was snorkeling along the rocky cliffs one day when scootering around head down eyes looking for fish.  When I Pop my head up to look at shore all I see a beach full of every shell imaginable, totally found the mother load. 

So naturally I start looting the natural treasures when I noticed two machine guns pointed at me from a tower on the cliffs, I somehow managed to ignore every warning sign and fence propped up along the cliffs. I  basically shit my pants and this was about 15 days after 9/11 happened that's when the low flying fighter jets started making sense… Thai people are so touchy about White guys creeping up like navy seals.


So I did moonwalk back into the ocean where I cleaned my shorts and swam back with a rad story.

Enjoy the vid.

Thailand from Aaron Larocque on Vimeo.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Olympic half pipe is sickter times 4!

I was on Camp of Champions blog today and saw some shots from their own builders who are shaping the Olympic Pipe as we speak.

Take a look at the size of this thing. I’d tube it maybe but those walls are higher than my house.





Now for those of you not from here, the Olympics arrived in the warmest winter ever, I am in t-shirts pretty much everyday, today there is a high of 16 degrees and Cypress Bowl is so dry, just look around in the background nothing but rocks. They actually have resorted to flying in fresh snow with helicopters, that's how bad it is!


The Mogul Skiing was all slush with the kickers frozen with coolant systems but we finally managed to take gold on our home turf!

Begg-Smith, the evil looking storm trooper on the left, is a West Van local who now rides for Australia with his dual citizenship… he got P’woned by Alexandre Bilodeau settling with a silver medal for being a trader!


And since I cannot ride a bike with my leg injury, lets stay on the winter theme..


A friend of ours Caja Schöpf  sent us a update on her season in Europe.

“Hows it going? Lots of snow over in B.C.?

I'm fine, had a really good season so far and finally we got at least some snow as well. I attached some pics of different shootings, I had so far.

Greets from Bavaria,


She looks innocent but she goes big, it is disgusting really!



CajaSchoepf_Chamonix_KlausPolzer2-1 CajaSchoepf_Mayrhofen_KlausPolzer2

Caja, and Andi Wittman may be arriving this summer and attend Camp of Champions, so it will be a cozy place to hang out in the summer and I hope I am past the rehab by then!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Ryan Berrecloth Promo!

Check out this night promo vid for Lupine lights with Ross Measures!


Thursday, February 11, 2010

The first Chain Guide in Canada!

We have Just Released the Silent Guide in to the Market and Most went to the states and Europe and I think 6 in all were slipped out to Calgary where Gary snagged and installed the first Guide as a client!!

So he was like this kid finding out he did the first install!


And he also had a smart questions to ask about the guide too. IMG_2771_2_1


“Quick question on your silent guide.  I just picked one up and installed it on my Knolly v-tach last night.  Everything went super smooth and I’m very impressed with the guide, now I’m waiting for my second one to show up for my wife’s bike.  Coming from a moto background I can appreciate the design. 

Just wondering if there are any concerns with types of chain lube and their affect on the poly sliders?  Some plastics don’t appreciate my favourite prolink gold lube.

Also rocking your pedals and loving them!  Keep up the good work.


Gary “



The Polyurethane Sliders are resilient to oil with a chemical resistance measured in years where sometimes with plastics the resistance is measured in hours. So many variables in play depending on the plastic types and the solvents used but Polyurethane is a safe bet.

Good and Valid question, Enjoy the Guide in Costa Rica, send pictures Gary and I will blog them again!


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

SNAP goes the Tendon!

So I got this trick air boot on now and I pimped it with some stickers and pretty much lay back in the office chairs and make people do things for me. You can actually buy them for $200 and if you ever want out of something, weddings, events or work put one on and go with a great story!

Who is going to question your injury ?


I saw this video on Jeff Lenosky’s Facebook page, pretty sick car for Fiesta!  


Then I saw this on youtube… so crazy and it claims no one died so thats good news!


Monday, February 8, 2010

Lenosky Scores at Ray’s Indoor Park!

“The 2nd annual “Ray’s Odd Couple Video Contest” has once again resulted in incredible performances and amazing videos – and one of the top presentations features Giant athlete and freeride legend Jeff Lenosky.


The contest teams an MTB rider (Jeff) with a BMX rider (in this case, Chris Aceto), and a videographer (Gardener Raymond) who work the course at Ray’s Indoor MTB park in Cleveland, OH. Over the course of three days, a total of 11 teams shot and edited videos which were all shown to a crowd of hundreds on Saturday night, January 30. Based off crowd applause winners are selected, and the team of Lenosky, Aceto, and Raymond took third place! Their video is featured here.

Jeff says about Chris: “…he used to hang out years ago at my trials demos trying to pop wheelies on my bike. Flash forward five years and he’s taken his brakeless technical riding style to a pretty high level. This was his first time ever riding in a competition of this caliber, and he definitely showed he's capable of riding in the big leagues!! The video was filmed and edited by Gardner Raymond who does lots of video work with DH Productions. He put together a clean edit and did a great job making us look good!

“Our goal for the video was to explore the park and try to create new lines or use obstacles in ways they might not have been intended to be ridden. Enough rambling......Watch!”
More information about the contest at


Jeff’s personal line of Straitline Components Pedals, with 24 karat gold pins available now everywhere!

WEB SHOTS 2010 069

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Building Pays Off....

I have been building for the past 5 days at this wicked area. Finally had the chance to ride everything and train once again, this time not on dirtjumps, bringing back the Freeride I used to love with a little more style!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Quick grab a sandwich and sit down and eat!

So they postponed my surgery to reattach my Achillies tendon until last Thursday but I finally got in and Im glad it is over. Hello 6 months of rehab!

This was my first surgery and the Anesthesiologist asked me what my drug of choice was and I opted for a needle in my spine to paralize me from the waste down. What a trip, they gave me a bit of juice in my IV before the spine shot and I fealt great!  I was awake for the whole thing, listening to them saw my leg open and had them take shots off the blackberry for me.

Take a look

While I was away for surgery I asked people to send me postitive stories and thanks a bunch, never knew there was so many people out there who have done the same thing because when i had the surgeon assess me last monday he told me it was snapped and all I thought about was never riding agressively again. I teared up for a second at the thought but I guess it is no big deal, just take care of it for a good 6 months.

*Editors Note

It has been 8 months so far since the injury and I have had a few set backs from not sitting still but I am on my way back to the bikes soon.

The good news I am limp free and if anyone has this happen, don't stress, it just takes time!

Monday, February 1, 2010

It’s official! I am a gimp for life!

I snapped my Achilles tendon from my bone last weekend riding, it sucks as much as you could imagine how it would suck. But Imagine it sucking like falling into a septic tank level of sucking.
This is my first surgery and the guys had me believing that that they put cotton in your bum because when under anesthesia you release your bowels on the table! I actually believed them until I did some research and got smart.
Below is what is planned, and I am so excited!

So bare with me, hold your prayers but send booze to me via FedEx along with positive stories about how your friend had the same thing and afterwards he could outrun a horse !

So watch these videos and await my return… and buy more Straitline Components so we can afford to rent a cherry picker and get me up into the office easier! 
I hope these keeps you occupied until I return, a custom pack of nonesence adn a bit of product info thrown in the mix!
Product question:
“Is it true that the silent guide is actually silent in operation due to its polyurethane sliders and simplicity? And do they really only weight in at  176g 32-36t and 205g 36t-40t - (weight includes bashring)?
This sounds like a scam… I think I’ll just do what I did in the 70’s and stick with my ceramic skateboard wheels over the new polyurethane ones, that stuff is a gimmick!”
That was just me talking in third person as a skeptic on the Silent Guide! I love this thing it is by far our best product we have ever made so keep your eyes open they are available now, ask your shops!

PR sheet and no I am not wanting to start a war over Lexan, we are just pointing out material choices.
Simple, Silent, Light & Rugged
The new Straitline Silent Guide offer the simplicity, Silence and
ruggedness that you require for your demanding downhill / freeride
applications. Using modern material properties to our advantage and
applying our knowledge from other industries we have created a guide
that is amazingly light and durable.
The proprietary urethane sliders are custom formulated to
provide maximum wear resistance and minimal friction and almost
completely eliminate noise to the point you won’t know you are running
a chain device. The boomerang and bashring are both made of 7075
T6 aluminum which is a minimum of 7 times stronger that Lexan, and
almost twice as strong as 6061 T6 aluminum.
The Silent guide is currently available in 4 different
configurations, 32T-36T ISCG, 36T-40T ISCG, 32T-36T ISCG ‘05 &
36T-40T ISCG ‘05. Stock slider color is Flo Green. Replacement slider
sets are available in Flo Green, Black, White, Blue and Red.

Now more Bert and Ernie fun!

Pretty things…
Spend a minute and scroll over these shots we had done by Mark Law, beyond epic quality with ZERO Photoshop work, this is how it appears in your hands.

A must see film to learn importnat life skills!
 When you guys call me up on the phone nd I am so calm and confident, almost knowing what to say and when to say it with style... well I learnt it all from this guy!
It is 5 minutes long butstay with it because I have always wanted to post it since it is two wheel related.  I cannot explain how important this is to watch until the very end.

And as they say… Humor heals so have a look! No word of a lie, this was our Pizza delivery guy when we stayed with the Resistance crew at Interbike few years back. Pizza had no toppings he so dumped it lol.

And the worlds best Bike prank,  my mind would melt too. Epic!

Try and get your brain around this guys invention, search his name and you can find his beach animals that sense water and spike themselves into the ground when the wind picks up and they are only made out of nothing but wood and plastic. Artificial lifeforms, watch it.

I will get in shit for posting this but I saw it years ago and it is so bad and hard to watch and I still do not know if these guys are for real.
I deed it!

See you soon!