Monday, February 1, 2010

It’s official! I am a gimp for life!

I snapped my Achilles tendon from my bone last weekend riding, it sucks as much as you could imagine how it would suck. But Imagine it sucking like falling into a septic tank level of sucking.
This is my first surgery and the guys had me believing that that they put cotton in your bum because when under anesthesia you release your bowels on the table! I actually believed them until I did some research and got smart.
Below is what is planned, and I am so excited!

So bare with me, hold your prayers but send booze to me via FedEx along with positive stories about how your friend had the same thing and afterwards he could outrun a horse !

So watch these videos and await my return… and buy more Straitline Components so we can afford to rent a cherry picker and get me up into the office easier! 
I hope these keeps you occupied until I return, a custom pack of nonesence adn a bit of product info thrown in the mix!
Product question:
“Is it true that the silent guide is actually silent in operation due to its polyurethane sliders and simplicity? And do they really only weight in at  176g 32-36t and 205g 36t-40t - (weight includes bashring)?
This sounds like a scam… I think I’ll just do what I did in the 70’s and stick with my ceramic skateboard wheels over the new polyurethane ones, that stuff is a gimmick!”
That was just me talking in third person as a skeptic on the Silent Guide! I love this thing it is by far our best product we have ever made so keep your eyes open they are available now, ask your shops!

PR sheet and no I am not wanting to start a war over Lexan, we are just pointing out material choices.
Simple, Silent, Light & Rugged
The new Straitline Silent Guide offer the simplicity, Silence and
ruggedness that you require for your demanding downhill / freeride
applications. Using modern material properties to our advantage and
applying our knowledge from other industries we have created a guide
that is amazingly light and durable.
The proprietary urethane sliders are custom formulated to
provide maximum wear resistance and minimal friction and almost
completely eliminate noise to the point you won’t know you are running
a chain device. The boomerang and bashring are both made of 7075
T6 aluminum which is a minimum of 7 times stronger that Lexan, and
almost twice as strong as 6061 T6 aluminum.
The Silent guide is currently available in 4 different
configurations, 32T-36T ISCG, 36T-40T ISCG, 32T-36T ISCG ‘05 &
36T-40T ISCG ‘05. Stock slider color is Flo Green. Replacement slider
sets are available in Flo Green, Black, White, Blue and Red.

Now more Bert and Ernie fun!

Pretty things…
Spend a minute and scroll over these shots we had done by Mark Law, beyond epic quality with ZERO Photoshop work, this is how it appears in your hands.

A must see film to learn importnat life skills!
 When you guys call me up on the phone nd I am so calm and confident, almost knowing what to say and when to say it with style... well I learnt it all from this guy!
It is 5 minutes long butstay with it because I have always wanted to post it since it is two wheel related.  I cannot explain how important this is to watch until the very end.

And as they say… Humor heals so have a look! No word of a lie, this was our Pizza delivery guy when we stayed with the Resistance crew at Interbike few years back. Pizza had no toppings he so dumped it lol.

And the worlds best Bike prank,  my mind would melt too. Epic!

Try and get your brain around this guys invention, search his name and you can find his beach animals that sense water and spike themselves into the ground when the wind picks up and they are only made out of nothing but wood and plastic. Artificial lifeforms, watch it.

I will get in shit for posting this but I saw it years ago and it is so bad and hard to watch and I still do not know if these guys are for real.
I deed it!

See you soon!


Anonymous said...

Don't want to send you beer, never know if it might go "missing" along the way. Anyways, here's to a successful and speedy recovery!

Anonymous said...

Ouch, bad news.

On the positive side, my dad had the same thing when I was a kid (from playing squash). He fully recovered and is pretty active now. Cheers, luck with your recovery.

Sneeck said...

Man that sucks a whole lot more than falling in a full septic tank without clothes!

Hope you will get back up on the back soon, would suck even more if you'd miss out on 2010 season.