Friday, February 5, 2010

Quick grab a sandwich and sit down and eat!

So they postponed my surgery to reattach my Achillies tendon until last Thursday but I finally got in and Im glad it is over. Hello 6 months of rehab!

This was my first surgery and the Anesthesiologist asked me what my drug of choice was and I opted for a needle in my spine to paralize me from the waste down. What a trip, they gave me a bit of juice in my IV before the spine shot and I fealt great!  I was awake for the whole thing, listening to them saw my leg open and had them take shots off the blackberry for me.

Take a look

While I was away for surgery I asked people to send me postitive stories and thanks a bunch, never knew there was so many people out there who have done the same thing because when i had the surgeon assess me last monday he told me it was snapped and all I thought about was never riding agressively again. I teared up for a second at the thought but I guess it is no big deal, just take care of it for a good 6 months.

*Editors Note

It has been 8 months so far since the injury and I have had a few set backs from not sitting still but I am on my way back to the bikes soon.

The good news I am limp free and if anyone has this happen, don't stress, it just takes time!


Sneeck said...

That's gnarly. Hope you get a speedy recovery and will get some time on the bike this upcoming season.


Straitline Components said...

PFF. Surgery on Thursday, Piankillers ran out on Saturday and Monday I'm back at work!

Can't walk, pretty much usless but I plan to walk in 30 days, light road rides here we come!