Monday, February 8, 2010

Lenosky Scores at Ray’s Indoor Park!

“The 2nd annual “Ray’s Odd Couple Video Contest” has once again resulted in incredible performances and amazing videos – and one of the top presentations features Giant athlete and freeride legend Jeff Lenosky.


The contest teams an MTB rider (Jeff) with a BMX rider (in this case, Chris Aceto), and a videographer (Gardener Raymond) who work the course at Ray’s Indoor MTB park in Cleveland, OH. Over the course of three days, a total of 11 teams shot and edited videos which were all shown to a crowd of hundreds on Saturday night, January 30. Based off crowd applause winners are selected, and the team of Lenosky, Aceto, and Raymond took third place! Their video is featured here.

Jeff says about Chris: “…he used to hang out years ago at my trials demos trying to pop wheelies on my bike. Flash forward five years and he’s taken his brakeless technical riding style to a pretty high level. This was his first time ever riding in a competition of this caliber, and he definitely showed he's capable of riding in the big leagues!! The video was filmed and edited by Gardner Raymond who does lots of video work with DH Productions. He put together a clean edit and did a great job making us look good!

“Our goal for the video was to explore the park and try to create new lines or use obstacles in ways they might not have been intended to be ridden. Enough rambling......Watch!”
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