Thursday, February 11, 2010

The first Chain Guide in Canada!

We have Just Released the Silent Guide in to the Market and Most went to the states and Europe and I think 6 in all were slipped out to Calgary where Gary snagged and installed the first Guide as a client!!

So he was like this kid finding out he did the first install!


And he also had a smart questions to ask about the guide too. IMG_2771_2_1


“Quick question on your silent guide.  I just picked one up and installed it on my Knolly v-tach last night.  Everything went super smooth and I’m very impressed with the guide, now I’m waiting for my second one to show up for my wife’s bike.  Coming from a moto background I can appreciate the design. 

Just wondering if there are any concerns with types of chain lube and their affect on the poly sliders?  Some plastics don’t appreciate my favourite prolink gold lube.

Also rocking your pedals and loving them!  Keep up the good work.


Gary “



The Polyurethane Sliders are resilient to oil with a chemical resistance measured in years where sometimes with plastics the resistance is measured in hours. So many variables in play depending on the plastic types and the solvents used but Polyurethane is a safe bet.

Good and Valid question, Enjoy the Guide in Costa Rica, send pictures Gary and I will blog them again!



Sneeck said...

Lookin' good! Mine should be in the mail any time now, can't wait to give it a spin. I think the kawasaki green is plain awesome.

So it's true you will be focussing on some kick ass crankset now?? That'd be awesome.

MTBGearTech said...

It looks really amazing installed. The design makes so much sense too. Nice work! A crankset eh? That is something I'd love to see Straitline take on. I can't even begin to imagine how nice a crankset would be from you guys.

Sneeck said...

Can I use the words holy crap here? Man this thing is SICK!! The packaging alone is wicked, very very very nice indeed. Top notch product and if it works like claimed e13 got nothing on this!!

I somehow think it is a wrong idea to not be able to slide the sliders(as they are fixxed in position) but if all dimensions are correct(which I do believe, have yet to install) you have in fact a set-and-forget guide as there is nothing that will shift. Only the entire boomerang itself.

I think i'll let it sit on my desk for a couple of days to drool over, then install it as my bike is in the garage.

Oh and the new sticker, love it! Now go make a t-shirt with that logo, pretty please....?

Straitline Components said...

Sorry, I suck at replying to comments on blogger, takes so long to log in then it jams.

The guide works as claimed, give ita whirl.

Funny how we have them worldwide now but like zero in Canada, but our distributor here is still compiling a order.