Thursday, February 18, 2010

Olympic half pipe is sickter times 4!

I was on Camp of Champions blog today and saw some shots from their own builders who are shaping the Olympic Pipe as we speak.

Take a look at the size of this thing. I’d tube it maybe but those walls are higher than my house.





Now for those of you not from here, the Olympics arrived in the warmest winter ever, I am in t-shirts pretty much everyday, today there is a high of 16 degrees and Cypress Bowl is so dry, just look around in the background nothing but rocks. They actually have resorted to flying in fresh snow with helicopters, that's how bad it is!


The Mogul Skiing was all slush with the kickers frozen with coolant systems but we finally managed to take gold on our home turf!

Begg-Smith, the evil looking storm trooper on the left, is a West Van local who now rides for Australia with his dual citizenship… he got P’woned by Alexandre Bilodeau settling with a silver medal for being a trader!


And since I cannot ride a bike with my leg injury, lets stay on the winter theme..


A friend of ours Caja Schöpf  sent us a update on her season in Europe.

“Hows it going? Lots of snow over in B.C.?

I'm fine, had a really good season so far and finally we got at least some snow as well. I attached some pics of different shootings, I had so far.

Greets from Bavaria,


She looks innocent but she goes big, it is disgusting really!



CajaSchoepf_Chamonix_KlausPolzer2-1 CajaSchoepf_Mayrhofen_KlausPolzer2

Caja, and Andi Wittman may be arriving this summer and attend Camp of Champions, so it will be a cozy place to hang out in the summer and I hope I am past the rehab by then!

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