Thursday, February 26, 2009

Team custom gear

Yes I suck at taking photos but I bet you do too!

"We're gonna be running some custom stems, pedals, and a few other trick bits courtesy of Straitline which is awesome. However, I didn't realise quite how awesome this would be until Greg from Straitline sent me through this video.... check it out... we're stoked!!"

Some welcomed Ego stroking from Stu over at! even I never realised how cool they looked until in hand, the xray mixed with the fiery red/ pink is sick and custom just for their upcoming DH team!

So keep your eyes peeled on's site, this is just the teaser.

Click here to see the pedals on!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Financial tips in tough times!

This is Christian Schloessman, California's Golden State Champion!

Christian sent me a email for all the racers out there in tough times...

Some Financial Advice:

If you had purchased $1,000 worth of Delta Air Lines stock one year ago, you would have $49.00 to show for it.

If you had purchased $1,000 worth of Fannie Mae you would have $2.50 left.

If you purchased $1,000 worth of AIG, you would have $15.00 left.

However, if you purchased $1,000 worth of beer one year ago, drank all of it, then turned in the cans for a recycling refund, you would have $214.00 cash!

My best financial advice--drink heavily and recycle.

It's called the 401-Keg!!

Follow these investment tips and ride your Straitline pedals to the podiums -be sure to keep the champagne bottle!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Jeff Lenosky & Casey Groves

This is not the latest of the latest news but it took this time for George Ryan to edit all the footage from Rays Odd Couple event.

Probably the first video to show his custom JLO green pedals in action everything else has been removed for copyright reasons... Jeff and I laughed at the fact that after all this effort to match his bike his NWD segment was in black and white!~

Arron Chases video of the Event was pretty funny...

How Does Casey tie into Lenosky?

Well lets watch Casey Groves laying on a couch playing with toilet paper! Don't ask, just watch it and enjoy how pointless this promo vid is, but those pedals keep you watching.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

They are bushings not bearings folks!

Igus Polymer Bushings!

Get used to them, they take over every industry application and proven for 15 years in every heavy duty industry known.

They work, that's the sales pitch, just go ride!

But first for all the non believers out there, remember this...

Success, Awards, Fame, may all be yours one day! But the sad fact is nothing you do will be more popular and successful than a online shot of a piece of bacon taped to a cat!

Sad but true!

Monday, February 16, 2009

And I thought my blog was random... Hawley Co. our USA distributor has probably the best blog for random humour and stuff so pointless you are like WTF!

Below is a really weak reason to buy Straitline levers but hey, if it works I'll list it the product description and watch sales soar in the Hippy communties near Hawley.

"There are 2 uses for the Straitline Brake Lever Upgrade: Birkenstock horn and brake lever upgrade. There used to be three but after last year's "unpleasantness" ("Levergate" as reported by the local media), our lawyers advised us to narrow the usage parameters..."

The love letter below is from their blog as well...

Definitely go and have a read on their blog for some laughs. HAWLEY BLOG

Monday, February 9, 2009

PaintHouse Customs... does my helmet.

I've always wanted a helmet or frame done up fully custom, who hasn't dreamt of that. So when I saw the wood grained helmet on Pinkbike I was beyond stoked and found out who did it.

Stacy at PaintHouse Customs was the man behind the wood grain helmet so I called him up to do one for us/me.

Stacy with the God Father Simmons

Since I am not a high roller like Wade who gets paid in helmets, I had to buy one. So I thought it would be funny if I bought a custom painted THE Vegas helmet and get it custom painted. See the humour?

The humour got lost when I saw the visa bill forgetting that I bought it in US funds on a weak Canadian dollar!

I really wanted the Unicorn theme above to be the main focus but I was told that Unicorns and rainbows mixed isn't as cool as I thought. So I asked Stacy to do what ever the hell he wants with it just make it show Straitline some where and surprise me.

Today I got a sneak peek at the helmet and wow, it's black... you really went all out on this one Stacy.

Luckily this is just the Base coat after stripping the Vegas graphics off of it, now the fun begins. Right after my helmet gets doen Stacy has been enlisted by the guys at Decline Magazine for a Decline Magazine helmet then right after that one DIRT Magazine in the UK has an order in as well. Stoked to get one done at all before he gets over loaded.

What do you think he will put on it? Here are some of my guesses below:

Or something along the lines of this, and just keep it real.

But definitely check out his blog to see his latest creations PaintHouse Customs and I'll re post when it is done.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Surprise Pedal Sample...

I saw this video and had to blog it!

This little guy was as excited as me, when I first laid eyes on a custom pedal sample this week. The difference is he has a cool posse and some music on!

That's all you get for now, I'll tell you where these are going in a few! But for now watch that video over and over and over.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Freeride BC bike park in the news!

On the weekend SHAW Cable news swung by the park for a long awaited 5 year update for the parks Public Launching.

None of us bothered to prepare to be the one to talk live on camera, we all hoped the other guy would do it but all of us had to do a interview one by one.

First The TV Crew started interviewing one of Freeride BC's original founders, and soon to be Banshee Bikes Athlete, Mark Mathews!

The "tonight at 6" money shot! The wholesome family dog was a last minute bonus.

It has been a long project and I can talk about it all day fluently, but put a camera in my face I stutter! All I can say is that my interview was a beauty, full of gap outs and stunned looks towards the camera.

My interview was no word of a lie - just like this...

Luckily I couldn't video tape my own interview to show you how bad it was, so lets just watch Drew Mitchells interview instead!

Okay now lets look at Drew's stellar performance testing the track for the camera crew.

So we hope to be fundraising enough money to finish the rest of the phases by late spring so show some love, we are doing this for you.

Randoms of the day!

This is Kyle Marshall PinkBike's new top gun on the DH circuit. Yes that's how he looks all the time, poor kid.