Thursday, February 19, 2009

Jeff Lenosky & Casey Groves

This is not the latest of the latest news but it took this time for George Ryan to edit all the footage from Rays Odd Couple event.

Probably the first video to show his custom JLO green pedals in action everything else has been removed for copyright reasons... Jeff and I laughed at the fact that after all this effort to match his bike his NWD segment was in black and white!~

Arron Chases video of the Event was pretty funny...

How Does Casey tie into Lenosky?

Well lets watch Casey Groves laying on a couch playing with toilet paper! Don't ask, just watch it and enjoy how pointless this promo vid is, but those pedals keep you watching.

1 comment:

dotca said...

Taj! He is a machine, and a pioneer in BMX. Such a cool dude.