Wednesday, February 18, 2009

They are bushings not bearings folks!

Igus Polymer Bushings!

Get used to them, they take over every industry application and proven for 15 years in every heavy duty industry known.

They work, that's the sales pitch, just go ride!

But first for all the non believers out there, remember this...

Success, Awards, Fame, may all be yours one day! But the sad fact is nothing you do will be more popular and successful than a online shot of a piece of bacon taped to a cat!

Sad but true!


dotca said...

I'm still awaiting the MythBuster size explosion... What do you need to make it happen Greg? I'll try and get what you need to make it happen!

Straitline Components said...

Nothings impossible but they won't do anything unless it is a Myth. Like can a Straitline Pedal kill a human if dropped from a Helicopter. Or what will a cat with a peice of bacon attached to it not land on it's feet when thrown from a helicopter.

Nikki Groom said...

Thanks for the mention!

I don't know if you already spotted it, but we've been talking about Straitline, too, recently!

Talk about reciprocal links, huh?

Nikki (igus marketing department!)

Courtney said...

A big thanks from me too, Greg, for including igus in the blog! Love the bacon cat.

~Courtney (igus marketing)

dotca said...

No no no Greg. I don't want MythBusters to do it, I want YOU to do it. Just make it a Mythbuster size explosion. ;)