Monday, February 2, 2009

Freeride BC bike park in the news!

On the weekend SHAW Cable news swung by the park for a long awaited 5 year update for the parks Public Launching.

None of us bothered to prepare to be the one to talk live on camera, we all hoped the other guy would do it but all of us had to do a interview one by one.

First The TV Crew started interviewing one of Freeride BC's original founders, and soon to be Banshee Bikes Athlete, Mark Mathews!

The "tonight at 6" money shot! The wholesome family dog was a last minute bonus.

It has been a long project and I can talk about it all day fluently, but put a camera in my face I stutter! All I can say is that my interview was a beauty, full of gap outs and stunned looks towards the camera.

My interview was no word of a lie - just like this...

Luckily I couldn't video tape my own interview to show you how bad it was, so lets just watch Drew Mitchells interview instead!

Okay now lets look at Drew's stellar performance testing the track for the camera crew.

So we hope to be fundraising enough money to finish the rest of the phases by late spring so show some love, we are doing this for you.

Randoms of the day!

This is Kyle Marshall PinkBike's new top gun on the DH circuit. Yes that's how he looks all the time, poor kid.

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